Free passes to Betty Brinn for patients! Medication-Assisted Treatment in Waukesha. Harbor District Initiative seeks resident input and more!
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Family Focus program provides education and annual passes to Betty Brinn Museum for Sixteenth Street families

Sixteenth Street's Parenting Resource Center collaborates annually with the Family Focus program to provide Sixteenth Street families with the opportunity to receive year long passes and transportation to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum. The program provides free parenting education, museum membership and transportation to more than 1,200 families every year. The parents are taught how children learn through play - and the children can participate in any of the programs, activities, or exhibits the museum offers year round. 

Laura Vargas, manager of the Parenting Resource Center, finds that Sixteenth Street families greatly benefit from the program as it reduces stressors in the home that lead to further problems.

Medication-Assisted Treatment now offered at Waukesha location

Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers - Waukesha has
received a grant to expand our services in the AODA department to now include Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). Integrated AODA therapy in connection with medication and medical treatment helps clients break their addictions and have the best possible chance for a full recovery. The administration of a medication, Vivitrol, will assist clients in the process of their treatment. The need for MAT programs in the Waukesha community continues to grow and Sixteenth Street - Waukesha is determined to meet that need. 
Harbor District Initiative looks for resident input through tours 

The Harbor District (south of the Third Ward, east of Walker's Point and north of Bay View) is in the midst of change, and Sixteenth Street's Department of Environmental Health (DEH) is making sure residents have a say as to what that change looks like.

Through a series of bike, bus and boat tours this summer, DEH is aiming to not only highlight the current conditions, challenges and opportunities of the area - but to receive feedback from residents about what they want for the future of the space.
The topics discussed with residents include:
  • Environmental impact of vacant properties
  • Transportation opportunities and challenges
  • Opportunities for new public green space and environmental restoration
  • Jobs and housing
  • Happenings at The Port of Milwaukee and Jones Island
Resident feedback will be integrated by the Harbor District Inc. and their partners in order to continue to shape the Water and Land Use Plan, which will guide the revitalization of the area.

Contact Moranda Medina for tour or general Harbor District information at 414-897-5596 or
Celebrating innovative services during National Health Center Week!

In honor of National Health Center Week 2016, Sixteenth Street - Waukesha is showcasing and celebrating the added service of local ADHD testing, by means of the Test of Variables of Attention (T.O.V.A.) method.

"We're very excited to offer this service because we've discovered there's a real scarcity of resources in Waukesha County to assess for and treat ADHD," said Clinic Manager Kerri Ackerman. 

T.O.V.A. objectively measures the key components of attention and self-control: variability, response time, impulsivity, focus and vigilance. It uses two different components - visual and auditory. Unlike other tests, the T.O.V.A provides information not available through self-report or the reports of others and can be observed directly by the clinician during its administration and/or by looking at the results.

It helps the clinic reduce testing wait times for patients, and provides information about reducing medication reliance. 
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Tips on how you and your child can be prepared - and not let his or her asthma get in the
way of a great start!

Going back to school is a fun and exciting time for kids! But for kids with a sthma, it can be a bit scary. With a new  environment and new people it's important to cover all your asthma bases before the first bell rings. Gerardo Jimenez, Certified Asthma Educator, offers up some great tips at how  you and your child can be prepared - and not let his or her asthma get in the way of a great start!
Get in to see the Doc
It's always a good idea to touch base with your child's doctor before school starts. Review your child's  Asthma Action Plan  (AAP) and make sure everything is ready to go. It should be clear to you and your child what to do when symptoms arise. Sometimes schools even ask to have the AAP on file, so it's smart to go over it together with your doctor one last time!
Upcoming Events

Harbor District Tours
Various dates in July and August.

View specific dates and times. 
Are you interested in exploring where our three rivers meet Lake Michigan in Milwaukee's Harbor District? Join us on a FREE, bilingual tour of the Harbor District to learn about the area's history and how it will be revitalized.
Every Wednesday
1:00 -4:00 p.m.

Pulaski Park Pavilion 
F ree camp for kids ages 9-12! Join us for games, hiking, exploring Pulaski Park, learning about the KK River and more!
Every Saturday 
10:00 - 11:30 a.m.

South lot of Mitchell Domes
A great opportunity for bikers of all ages and levels!
See our schedule for specific ride types!
August 17rd, 2016
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Pulaski Park (16th and Harrison)
T his is a FREE family friendly event. 
See our schedule for the entire list of workshops!

Prenatal care that's right for you!

What is it?

CenteringPregnancy is group prenatal care bringing women due at the same time out of exam rooms and into a comfortable group setting.  Instead of a 15 minute visit in an exam room with your provider, you will join other moms once a month in a two hour visit together.

How does it work?

The visit is split into two parts:
1. An individual health exam, "belly check," alone with your provider
2. A group "circle up" with moms, support people and the provider to share and discuss health topics

What will I get out of it?

During your "circle up" time you will discuss nutrition, common discomforts, stress management, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, infant care and more. Group members form lasting friendship and strong bonds. Moms come from all different ages and experiences and provide support and knowledge to each other that is not possible in traditional care.

Discover what group care has to offer.  Call 414-672-1353 today!
What else do you want to hear about? Send us an email and let us know!
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