Great Success at 19th Annual Celebrity Roast, Governor-Elect Tony Ever visits Sixteenth Street and much more!
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19th Annual Celebrity Roast | Great Success!
Thank you to all who joined us for our 2018 Celebrity Roast of Mary Lou Young and for your unparalleled generosity. For the second year in a row, Sixteenth Street hosted a sell-out crowd of Milwaukee VIP's and raised a record amount in funds. Special guests included, Governor-Elect Tony Evers, Mayor Tom Barret, and County Executive, Chris Abele. It was a wonderful night full of great energy, laughter, and giving.
Because of supporters like you, Sixteenth Street is better able to ensure everyone has the same opportunity to be healthy. Thank you for choosing to go. Thank you for choosing to give. See our video The Challenge of Choices HERE.
See the photo gallery of the 2018 Roast HERE.
Lincoln Avenue School Awarded Green Award

Lincoln Avenue School was recently awarded the Sugar Maple Green Award through the Green and Healthy Schools Wisconsin for their commitment to sustainability and wellness. This is in large part due to the Community Schools Partnership with Sixteenth Street, through which a variety of programming has been implemented to address health, wellness and sustainability.
 Samara Hamzé, with Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin, said, "Lincoln Avenue School is exemplary, in part, because of their commitment to Health and Wellness.  Through their partnership with Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers, they provide access to Healthy Choices, a course available to school families.  The goal of the program is to improve the home and neighborhood environment for adults and children in Milwaukee's Southside. Healthy Choices also offers nutrition and cooking education for students and parents, includes local fruits and vegetables on the menu, connects students with farms and farmers, and develops and implements healthy foods policies to improve the school food environment. Additionally, Lincoln Avenue School offers After-School Kinnickinnic (KK) River Workshops that focus on "Healthy Mind, Healthy Body" where the students learn about bicycling, canoeing, and fishing safety and social determinants of health. These offerings along with education about the KK River Watershed, green infrastructure, recycling and composting and healthy soils for gardening are all part of the Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers Environmental Health Initiatives.  Lincoln Avenue School is a model for other schools seeking to leverage partnerships to achieve mutually desired goals among organizations."

WIC Packer Party

Thank you to everyone who made our Sixteenth Street WIC-"Green Bay Packer Party" a hit! Ten Spanish students from New Berlin high schools helped throughout the day as well as our amazing WIC Staff! Every child who participated in our "party" got a new green and gold knitted hat, made for them by a Sixteenth Street employee's mother. Kids also went through our "football training course," tasted some healthy game day snacks, and entered a jersey/helmet coloring contest. Our kids loved the hats and of course, the Green Bay Packer tattoos. Even though the Pack lost that day, it was great way to celebrate the donation we received and the families we work with. Stay tuned for upcoming events in the National Nutrition Month and our World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations!
Governor-Elect Tony Evers Visits Sixteenth Street
Governor-elect Evers recently visited and toured Sixteenth Street's Chavez Clinic. Evers also attended Sixteenth Street's Roast fundraiser later that same day. The unique opportunity and early visit allowed Sixteenth Street to spend valuable time with the Governor-elect. Governor-elect Evers is currently putting together the framework of his budget, and Sixteenth Street was able to talk at length with him about the important issues our patients, clinicians, and clinic are facing. The visit is a signal from Governor-elect Evers regarding the importance healthcare will play in his administration. It goes without saying that the Sixteenth Street staff shined during the visit in welcoming Governor-elect Evers. The Governor-elect was thoroughly impressed with the work staff is doing and extended his gratitude for the welcome and visit.
Provider Outstanding Service Award
Congratulations to Dr. Alisen Huske and Gabriela Dieguez, MSW, LCSW, for being awarded this year's Outstanding Service Award at the third annual Sixteenth Street Provider Breakfast. The award is given to two providers every year who go above and beyond in caring for their patients and show dedication and enthusiasm for additional responsibilities in the clinic.
Maria Perez, PHD., Vice President of Behavioral Health, spoke about Gabriela noting her commitment to excellence and tireless work in the community. Perez said "she sets a very high bar in the Behavioral Health department with regards to quality of care and increasing access. She is a strong leader and gatekeeper to every student/intern that walks through our BH doors."
Dr. Emilia Arana, Director of Pediatrics, highlighted Dr. Alisen Huske's commitment and dedication to her patient care and fellow employees. Dr Ariana said, "Dr. Huske is a strong advocate for her patients. She takes the time needed with each patient, making sure parents understands their concerns, and doing everything she can to meet their needs..."
Once again, congratulations to Dr. Huske and Gabriela Dieguez, MSW, LCSW!
My Sixteenth Street Story | Erika
Learn how Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers gave Erika the strength to continue fighting for her life.
"For the most part, my life was pretty much normal. Four years ago, I began to feel really sick. I went to a local hospital where I was hospitalized multiple time in intensive care for weeks, sometimes even months. The doctors ran all sorts of tests but found nothing. I drastically gained weight until I finally reached a limit at which I couldn't function anymore. I developed five new hormones in my body. These hormones were affecting my thyroid which in turn affected my hips, causing them to wear out. I developed diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and problems with my kidneys...." CONTINUE READING

Let's Talk about the Flu Shot!

Last winter 7,514 people were hospitalized by the influenza virus in the state of Wisconsin (1) and 379 people died. This year, we've already suffered the first death of a child in Florida. The highest risk exists for young children, older people, and anyone with a chronic disease with low immunity (diabetes, asthma, etc.).Getting a flu vaccine not only helps you, but also lowers the risk for your children and grandparents. At Sixteenth Street, where I work as a primary doctor, I have this conversation very often... CONTINUE READING

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