December 2018
It has been an outstanding year!  We are grateful for our extraordinary ESI team and Senior Advisors who approached each engagement with intelligence and integrity. And we wish to thank our many clients and friends for whom we had the pleasure of supporting in their important work. We look forward to opportunities to work with you in 2019.

As we review the best of 2018, we reflect on how ESI has expanded in scope and impact. Our geographic footprint is bigger. Our thought leadership work spans global topics of critical importance. Our integration of quantitative analysis, policy research, and strategy development is increasingly manifested in visually rich publications and sophisticated interactive tools. Read below and click the links to see the breadth and depth of our work.

ESI ThoughtLab formed a coalition of organizations with urban and technology expertise to conduct ground-breaking research into the impact of smart city solutions on urban performance in cities around the world.  This work received extensive coverage and will likely serve as the foundation for our significant ongoing public and private sector work in this space.
For more information on ESI ThoughtLab, click  here .

ESI conducted a comprehensive economic and social impact analysis for world-renowned  University of Notre Dame This report is helping Notre Dame in its communications to and collaboration with regional partners, local government, and community groups, by articulating the many ways the institution produces significant economic and social benefit. 
For more information on our work with universities and hospitals, click  here .

The  Small Business Economic Impact Study , a county-level economic analysis on shopping small commissioned by American Express, provides a closer look at the economic benefits of shopping locally and the impact of small businesses on communities. The study found that if small businesses in the U.S., defined as businesses employing fewer than 100 employees, were a country, they would have a GDP of $4.8 trillion, equivalent to the GDP of Japan, the third largest economy in the world. 

ESI produced a  comprehensive economic impact report  for SEPTA,  demonstrating how it's service is a key driver of regional economic growth. ESI developed an interactive map to show the positive effects of SEPTA's regional rail stations on home values in Southeastern Pennsylvania. 
For more information on our work in the transportation sector, click  here .

ESI ThoughtLab collaborated with Cognizant to create the  Jobs of the Future Index (CJoF Index) . This quarterly index measures the changes in demand for a set of 50 jobs of the future. On this issue of vital importance for global competitiveness, the CJoF Index is providing vital content and context for a wide range of decision makers.
For more information on ESI ThoughtLab, click  here .
Economic Impact Analysis of 
Japanese Casino

ESI, in conjunction with Spectrum Gaming Group, completed an economic impact analysis for a casino vying for a gaming license in Japan. The construction and ongoing operations of the casino will support significant economic benefits locally and nationally. Gaming is just one area of expertise within ESI's work in the tourism and hospitality industry.
For more information on our work in tourism, click  here .
Impacts of Redevelopment
of GM Boxwood Site

ESI evaluated the economic and fiscal impacts of the planned redevelopment of the former GM plant in Wilmington, DE for Harvey, Hanna & Associates. The proposed redevelopment is estimated to bring thousands of jobs back to the community and positively impact the property value of the immediate surroundings. ESI is a trusted source of rigorous analysis in support of real estate projects in Philadelphia and around the country.
For more information on our work with housing and real estate, click  here .

ESI ThoughtLab joined with WSJ Pro Cybersecurity to launch The Cybersecurity Imperative. Drawing on rigorous global research and analysis, t his work has proved to be timely and substantive, as corporations and governments alike are utilizing the information in response to various threats.
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ESI, under Pennsylvania's  Act 47, is the appointed Recovery Coordinator for the City of Chester and the Borough of Colwyn. ESI is responsible for working with officials, employees, and the community to develop a comprehensive recovery plan that addresses all areas of municipal operations. 
For more information on our w ork with distressed communities, click  here .

Each year since 2006, ESI has conducted an analysis of the City of Philadelphia's authorized depositories. The study looks at patterns in home lending, business lending, and branch locations. It demonstrates ESI's ability to marshal large data sets to answer key questions regarding economic equity.
For more information on our work on economic inclusion, click  here .
BUILD, RACP, EB-5, and LIHTC Application Submissions

This year, ESI assisted numerous clients with their funding applications for various government programs, like  BUILD RACP , EB-5, and  LIHTC . We secure funds for clients by highlighting the significant economic impact of their projects.
For more information on our w ork with BUILD grant applicants, click  here .
For more information on our w ork with affordable & public sector housing, click  here .

ESI produced a comprehensive analysis of the Pennsylvania agriculture industry for Team PA, on behalf of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Our analysis included economic impact, future trends, and recommendations for advancement. It exemplifies our ability to make the economic case for an entire industry. 
For more information on our work on economic impact analysis, click  here .

ESI produced a comprehensive analysis for the Pennsylvania Treasury on the impact of insufficient retirement savings on the Commonwealth, a topic of critical importance in this state. The study quantified the net impact of savings shortfall on the economic and fiscal health of the state.
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