Your Monthly News & Updates
Seasonal service to Midway ends November 1, 2016 

Just a reminder,- Our service to Midway ends November 1, 2016 and will resume March 1, 2017 just in time for spring break!

Winter rates & pick up times take effect November 1, 2016 

Our winter rates & pick up times take effect November 1, 2016. We suggest the following when making reservations to ensure you will make your flight without worrying about construction or weather.
International flights- pick up 3.5 hours before flight time 
Domestic flights -pick up 3 hours before flight time. 
These are only suggestions. If you choose to leave with less time, we will not be responsible for missed flights. 

2016 Holiday season

Yes, I said it; We are only 8 weeks away from our first sight of snow. It is now time to starting thing of booking travel for the holiday seasons. Call us for your transportation needs after booking your flight.

Hours of operation

We operate 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week with advanced reservations. Our reservation department is open 8am - 8pm 7 days a week ( Including holidays). 
Our phone system and Email is set up this way as well. If you leave a message when we are closed, We will return your call at 8am the following morning.
We are currently taking reservations through January 15, 2017

Special Events

Did you know that we do more than just airport service? 
We offer services for weddings, proms, casino trips, parties, nights on the town, sporting events, concerts, and what ever you can think of. 
Call us with your next event and let us give you a great price.
We can accommodate from 1-18 passengers.
Stay safe and leave the driving to us!

Thank you

I think we are doing something right! I can not thank everyone enough for the referrals , repeat business, and also to the new clients who have chosen us to serve them. We are a HUGE success in Kane & McHenry counties all because of you. We promise to continue with our work ethic and supply you with the greatest service we can. 


Party Bus Special rates end October 1, 2016.

We have just been informed that our 18 passenger Party Bus insurance will Double in November. This means the rates will become significantly higher, Now is the time to book for your holiday season. If you book before October 1, 2016 the rate is $700.00 for 8 hours  
($125.00 each additional hour thereafter). New rates will be posted in early October. 
Enjoy the saving while you can, CALL NOW! 


Arrival information

We monitor all flights for early arrival & delays. There are times when flights get diverted, delayed , or cancelled. We do our best to stay in contact with you through out your travel with text alerts and calling. Please try to have your cell phones on or check for messages through out your travel day. 
If you arrive at the airport and your bags are lost, Call us immediately so we can make alternate plans for our drivers.
Thank you!


Welcome aboard Butch!

Have you met "Butch" (Walter) yet? He is our newest driver, and comes from Jersey. Yes, he is one of those guys! We are sure you will fall in love with his accent and sense of humor. When you see him, say Hi! 
Welcome aboard !


And finally.......

It has been almost 2 years since my kidney transplant (time has gone by so quickly). I will be out of the office October 5th - October 8, 2016 for my follow up at Mayo Clinic. You will not notice any changes with me being gone however, I am asking that if you are traveling during this time period to make your reservations early. If you are arriving during these dates, I will text you your drivers info and you will call your driver direct when you are ready for pick up.