February Updates & News to Empower You .

February  News & Updates
February, Black History Month, is a great time of the year to not only reflect on the many accomplishments and marks of Black Excellence achieved by African-Americans, but to also consider the many ways in which we can continue such legacy. As with each installment, February's newsletter aims to provide you with information and tools to empower you and your business. This month's installment features tips on achieving clarity in even the most complicated reports, ways to increase productivity without diminishing quality, and an interesting announcement from Fannie Mae.

In honor of Black History Month, however, we endeavor to go one step further and encourage you to connect with and embolden those around you. Let each of us network with one another in a genuine fashion; let us freely share information and resources. We endeavor to crush the Silo Mentality crippling our businesses and our communities.
Recognizing and Uplifting Black Excellence

Acknowledging the many great accomplishments of the past is what many have come to expect of Black History Month, however doing so without also acknowledging the many cases of Black Excellence evident today, defeats much of the intended purpose. Without this recognition, excellence and distinction in the African-American community can become ideals that seem more abstract and rare than tangible or commonplace. AT&T's feature 28 Days: A Celebration of Black History and the efforts of the Black Professional Network have done much in the way of connecting the greatness of the past to the greatness (and the potential thereof) of today. Click the following links to read more:

The Report: Clarity in Your Narrative

All the time and effort that goes into producing a great appraisal from locating the absolute best comparables, considering all the complexities and unique characteristics of the subject property, to employing sound logic and reasoning with all this in mind, could turn out to be a huge waste. That is, if you neglect to effectively communicate the analysis involved in developing the appraisal. Without this understanding, your quality appraisal could be viewed as "all over the place" or just plain bad. Working RE's Rachel Massey details how to provide the intended user with an understanding that allows them to comprehend the logic behind even the most complex of reports. Check out her piece, Express Yourself,  for more info. 
The Magic of Delegation

Who isn't familiar with the old adage "if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself"? Many of us have, in fact, taken it to heart only to find that we've micromanaged ourselves into a stressed-out, overworked stupor. This mode of operation inherently sets limitations on the volume of work that can be accomplished. So what's the solution? How does one manage high volumes of appraisals without sacrificing quality? Delegation. Click here to explore The Appraiser Coach's outlined process for using delegation to maximize his productivity and streamline his business.
Fannie Mae: Announcements and Clarifications

Recently, Fannie Mae announced their
Selling Guide Updates. Of particular note, FNMA clarified its  existing policy  that appraisal trainees can complete property inspections without the direct supervision of a licensed appraiser. Click here to read the full list of          S elling Guide Updates .
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