New Sword Reviews, Videos, Specials and Much More in Issue 108 of the Sword Buyers Digest

Issue 108, November 2016
Your Monthly News & Updates
Lots to get through in this issue - still experimenting with the best format for the digest as I want it to be easy and fun to read while still providing tons of new content, so please bear with me until I find the "perfect blend", but I think this format is getting pretty close..!

In the meantime, I wanted to give everyone a quick update as to what has been going on behind the scenes at SBG, share with you some new and upcoming sword reviews, share with you some special offers and deals, and all the usual fun and swordy madness.

So sit back and hope you enjoy!
New Anime Reviews Section!

Over the last few months I spent some time back in Australia to visit friends and family. Naturally, during this time I also took advantage of the opportunity to test about 7 different swords (as, spending most of my time in Japan, it is not possible to handle anything other than high end Japanese made Nihonto).

The first two reviews of some popular anime swords are already live and have been added to 2 of Dan Dacombes reviews added to the site in September to create an anime sword section for the site.

Check out the new anime sword reviews below, one was a pleasant surprise:

The Ichigo Bankai Sword
A true 'sword like object' - but for $50 and as long as I am tall, was certainly an interesting one.

Sword Art Online Replica
This one drew my eye without knowing much about the anime, and proved surprisingly tough.
A Picture Worth a 1000 Words

There were several standout swords tested during my visit to Australia. But one that really impressed me was the Herald Series Marquis Sword. I will save the best points for the review, but here is one of my favorite pics of the sword, taken out the front of a historical church on the hillside that I always thought of as a "castle" when I was a kid.

Don't be surprised if at some point in the future this pic ends up being incorporated into the SBG design. It was a Euro sword that I literally found hard to put down, incredibly lightweight, exceptional tempering and gorgeous to look at for under $300, making it a SBG classic in the making..

Full review coming soon..
Video of the Month

The perfect introduction to the Longsword, both what it is and how to (and how not to) use it is presented by this young, very skilled Polish HEMA practioner and sword maker from "the Swords Path".

Check out their channel for more cool videos
Best Forum Posts

A collection of four of the best and most recent posts and threads from the SBG Sword Forum

Tour of the Citadel Workshop in Cambodia
New forum member Pupenski got off to a great start documenting his visit to the Citadel Workshop in the Kingdom of Cambodia from September this year. A great behind the scenes look at this sword company that has been making swords since 1998.

Why do Katanas take a set easier than Euro Swords..
Never try flex testing a Katana - nor a historical Euro sword actually.. A very lively and interesting discussion that has quite a few eye opening twists and turns.

Why modern sword makers are "hydrophobic"
An excellent thread from the sword making board examining why on shows such as "forged in fire" almost everyone oil quenches their swords, and why so few people these days use a water quench. A detailed, behind the scenes look at the intricacies of sword making.

Adjustable Cutting Stand
SBG member hypurr shares some pics of his innovative adjustable cutting stand. Simple yet versatile, check it out if you are in the process of making or updating your own stand.
Forge Direct November Super Sale: 25% off!

With Christmas just around the corner, and forge direct swords typically taking 4-6 weeks to be produced and arrive, time is running out.

Added to this time pressure, the Chinese New Year shutdown is coming earlier than ever before, and as sales on Forge Direct Chinese have disappointed the master smiths, after extensive negotiations we were able to secure special pricing on their range of Chinese Swords - but only until the 12th of November..

To make things even more interesting, the master smiths also offered us three new stunning designs, and they are being offered at a special introductory price of 25% off the standard price until November 12th along with the existing designs (the only exception is the new laminated Duan Dao, which is already priced to the bone and they refused to budge even a single yuan on the price)..

The only caveat is, if the sale does not produce enough interest, once orders are fulfilled the master smiths will be shutting down the project. So there is a chance that this may not only be the best chance to pick up these amazing blades, if we are unable to meet their quota, it will be the LAST chance too..!

So have a look guys and see if there is anything there you like - we really hope we can keep this project going because these really are some of the best quality, best priced heirloom quality Chinese Swords ever offered to the West, and we want to ensure as much variety in the sword market as possible...
Still Hot from the Forge: The New Designs..
Jian of Emperor Yong Lo Mk II
The Finest of the Fine..

The Jian of Emperor Yong Lo Mk II is the second and most ornate version of this sword ever produced. With full rayskin wrap, folded steel master forged blade and the most stunning fittings and scabbard ever seen, it is for only the most discerning sword connoisseur.

The Jian of Emperor Yong Lo Mk II
Golden Peony Jian
Graceful and Deadly

While the Yong Lo is a powerful, heavy sword designed for cleaving through armor, the Golden Peony Jian is considerably more graceful, though definitely no lightweight. If you want a serious Jian for display and real martial arts practice, the Golden Peony is for you.

The Golden Peony Jian
Tiger Dagger Spear
Versatile and Truly Unique

It is a dagger, one or two steel poles or a spear all in one..! Truly unique and innovative, the Tiger Dagger/Spear is a stunning master smith crafted folded steel 15.74" blade with detachable screw pommel. Unlike any other blade currently on the market.

The Tiger Dagger Spear
As mentioned, the 25% discount also applies to the existing range of Forge Direct Chinese Swords, such as the Haiyantang Zodiac Custom Sword, the ornate Dragon Fire Jian and the most affordable (and one of my favorites) the Early Han Dynasty Red Ebony Jian.

Don't miss out on these specials or these swords - get in one this while you can and spoil that special someone, or yourself, for Christmas..
That's it for the November issue of the Digest - hope you found something of interest!

It is a busy month ahead, writing up the reviews from my Australia trip and keeping everything rolling along as smoothly as possible in an industry that is definitely struggling at the moment. So until next issue, happy swordening and talk to you all in December!

- Paul
Paul Southren | Sword Buyers