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Happy Spring!  As the saying goes "April showers, bring May flowers" and Spring is the time for plans and projects!   While you are making those plans, add some of our featured articles to your list! 
  • Introducing a new, woman owned small business- Lokah Yoga
  • Kristen's book of the Month- "Money Magic"
  • Understanding the impact of credit card debt and how the team at Financial Moxie can assist you with keeping it at the forefront.
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Lokah Yoga


Kelly Kennedy is the owner and founder of Lokah Yoga Studio in Moorpark. Kelly has an extensive background in teaching ranging from middle school to kickboxing and aerobics instructor. Her love for yoga started right after taking her first class over 20 years ago. Kelly knew she had found her calling, and soon after got her Yoga teaching certification.

Though, it wasn't until recently that Kelly decided to open her own studio. She attributes this to the confidence she's gained through the years and to her families love and support. Kelly says "what makes Lokah Yoga unique is that we offer classes that allow people to express themselves not only through movement but through creative writing and art". Lokah Yoga has a lot to offer and is fun for the whole family. Go check out her classes and stop in!  Lokah Yoga

Check out Kristen's go to book this month!
The author, Deborah Price discusses 8 money archetypes: the Innocent (the ostrich approach); the Victim (blaming circumstances); the Warrior (conquering money); the Martyr (always rescuing someone); the Fool (gambler looking for a windfall); the Creator/Artist (regarding money as evil); the Tyrant (controlling through money); and the Magician (benefitting spiritually and financially through money).

Check out what type you are and learn how you can become a "Magician" (benefitting spiritually and financially through money).
A must read for couples who are working to be on the same page when it comes to financial decisions.

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble 
American Household Credit Card Debt Study

"Credit card debt is the stain on millions of Americans' finances that doesn't scrub off easily, if ever," says NerdWallet credit card expert Kimberly Palmer. "High interest rates combined with expenses that continue to outweigh income mean that some households are unable to fully rid themselves of debt and, in fact, continue to take on more.".
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Experience the Power of Financial Moxie's Realtime Financial Planning Dashboard

The power of this program is that clients are able to see exactly what they're spending, where they're spending it, and on a realtime basis. 
Seeing spending real time allows you to review your expenses on the fly so that you can make decisions during the month instead of reviewing them at the end of the month after they occur.
This also eliminates the dread of manually tracking your budget which can cause avoidance of money matters.
The Moxie team offers a monthly subscription program where you have access to the dashboard and monthly accountability meetings with Kristen.
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Easy Budget Set Up
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