Let us introduce ourselves.
Chris and Jackie Green
A message from the Director:
Happy 2020! I want to take this opportunity to introduce my husband Chris Green and myself, and extend an invitation for you to connect or reconnect with the agency this year. This monthly newsletter is one way staff and I will be reaching out; social media is another.

I am Jackie Green and I was confirmed as Executive Director in October of 2019. My husband Chris is an active panel volunteer and speaker. We both have close, personal connections to DUI crimes. Chris is the victim of a near fatal DUI crash in 2014 and I lost a beloved brother to drunk driving in 1995. 

Professionally, I have worked in the nonprofit sector for most of my adult life. I am also an Army veteran and proudly served as an enlisted soldier from 1984 to 1992. I bring leadership and organizational experience to the agency and am confident in the integrity, direction and abilities of our board of trustees.

You are receiving this newsletter in the capacity of: victim, volunteer, donor, sponsor or partner. Many of you fall into multiple categories. In 2020, I hope to learn about your connection to the agency. I hope to know your story, offer a safe place to grieve and heal; and help carry forward the memory and legacy of loved ones lost or injured. 

Let’s connect!

Jacqueline Cook Green
Jim Pykiet
Victim Advocate

As our volunteer victim advocate, Jim supports families in crisis through outreach and provides information and victim services. He liaisons with community prosecutors and law enforcement officers to coordinate and share information with families facing court proceedings. He attends court with these families helping them navigate the justice system. Jim also volunteers as a panel speaker and facilitator helping to increase awareness of the traumatic human consequences of drunk and/or drug impaired driving.
Hope Ramirez
Panel Administrator/Coordinator

Hope coordinates and manages the court ordered victim information panels held for DUI offenders. She is the administrative point of contact for scheduling and registration and reports offender attendance to court officers. Hope was previously employed by the Impact Center and was then hired by the DUI Victims Center after her ongoing volunteer commitment became a part-time staff position.
Jhannely Esparza
Communications Coordinator

Jhannely works 30 hours a week for the agency and manages communications including social media and the website and creates content to keep followers updated. She is focusing on spreading awareness of the mission through local media outlets and community outreach. Jhannely's goal is to build a stronger foundation in which families and victims can communicate with the agency and receive more support based on their needs.
Whitney Kallenbach
Data Entry Coordinator

Whitney works part time to organize and enter agency data including survey results that offenders fill out after a victim information panel. The surveys allow the agency to get a better understanding on how DUI offenders view the laws and probation process.The information that this data provides is crucial to helping accomplish the agency mission. Whitney also speaks at the victim panels and volunteers at year end events hosted by the agency.
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Our Mission: The DUI Victims Center of Kansas provides services to victims and their families and increases awareness of the traumatic human consequences of drunk and/or drug impaired driving.
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