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June 2017
In my eighteen years in real estate I've been asked many questions.  I contribute to the Sewickley Herald weekly with new tips and tricks to help both buyers and sellers in their real estate transactions.  These articles appear on my blog at and are also reprinted below.
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Dear Kathe,  
You give a lot of advice each week - any way to sum it up quickly for those of us who need the Reader's Digest version?
I recently came across a posting on one of my favorite Facebook pages that I shared on my Facebook business page ( Kathe Barge Howard Hanna Sewickley)  that I think does an outstanding job doing just that for sellers!  Quoted from The Lighter Side of Real Estate, the following are words to live by if you are selling a home, presented in a brief, easily remembered format:

Dear Kathe,  
We continue to look at homes on the Howard Hanna website and have noticed there doesn't seem to be as many homes coming on the market as there were in April. Just wondering if we've missed the peak of the spring real estate season? Have you found that there are typically more houses coming on the market in early summer as school ends? 
Historically, our market peaks in April, so if you have been watching our market all spring, you would have noticed the surge in April and the much more modest introductions in May. We will continue...

Dear Kathe,  
We are moving to the area and are confused by the disparity in property taxes on similar homes.  Why do they seem to be all over the board?
When you are buying a new home, you should not pay a lot of attention to the stated property taxes.  Homes were last assessed in 2012 and if the home hasn't resold since, the home's taxes are based on the assessor's opinion of value then...

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