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Issue #13, September 2017
With so many of our members living and working in the paths of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, we wish them a fast recovery and return to normal life.

Our host hotel for our October 2018 Regional Workshop, the JW Marriott in Downtown Houston, sustained minimal damage in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The hotel and area businesses are open and eagerly await our presence. 

In view of recent hurricane impact and ongoing recovery for all those in impacted by the storms in Texas and Florida, workshop staff will demonstrate the value of hypnosis as a disaster response tool through teaching examples, demonstrations, etc. directly pertinent to the immediate and extended consequences of hurricane and related events- both for clinicians from the immediate Houston area as well as all other workshop participants who are, or will at some time, be facing and/or working with patients faced with similar disasters and  humanitarian emergencies

Come learn and support the recovery of Houston. 
Summer is over. There is no sailing away or rolling in the grass.
We hope that all of our members had time to rest, recharge physically and mentally, reflect on their experiences, and make new plans.
A few of the ASCH happenings in summer are worth looking back upon:
Alexandria, VA Regional Workshop in June
The advanced topic
Seasoned Clinicians Share Essentials of Practice, Best Hypnotic Strategies, and Inc
lusive Languaging
 has brought together new students and advanced practitioners together. The faculty is dedicated to continuing support and offering advice and practice pearls through mentoring programs and Facebook group discussions.
Webinar with Scott Miller, Ph.D in July
"Feedback Informed Treatment: Improving the Quality and Outcome of Behavioral Health Services One Person at a Time"

Now, more than ever, it has become important not only to deliver treatments in mental health care but also scrupulously look at the effectiveness of different approaches, including hypnosis. In his masterful presentation, Scott Miller has introduced the concept and tools for effective feedback from patients and clients to advance and improve clinical results.

The video will be available in the e-learning library shortly.
Executive committee meeting in July

Our elected officials and office staff are planning the next steps in the development of our venerable society. There is a lot of work going on in preparation for the 60 th Annual Meeting!

The ASCH Newsletter was published with a list of members running for positions in EC.

In order to make the work of the committee more efficient, a few changes have been recommended for the ASCH Bylaws.  These recommended changes include:

1. increasing the term of office for the Treasurer and for the Secretary from one to two years; and
2. eliminating the position of Vice President .

You should have received your ballot either electronically or by mail if you indicated you preferred to receive a paper ballot with your membership renewal.  If you have any questions about the election process, please contact Elizabeth Goins at: (630) 980-4740 or

Please, do not forget to vote!!!

September Regional Workshop and Individualized Consultations
Workshops this time were conducted at the same time as Individual Consultations, and all the groups benefited from sharing their experiences and knowledge.

The Advanced Workshop topic was "A Proactive Response to the Opiate Prescription Crisis with Compassionate Patient Centered Care: Integrating Hypnotic Utilization, Neuroplasticity, and the Psychophysiologic Pattern"  with Mark Weisberg, PhD, ABPP and Alfred Clavel Jr., MD .

This very timely and important topic will be further discussed in a webinar with Mark and Alfred on October 3rd.

The Individualized Consultation's distinguished faculty was led by David Reid PsyD. 
News and Events


October 3, 7:30 pm CDT

Developments in Integrative Body-Mind Medicine and Hypnosis :Treating Chronic Pain and Addiction  Mark Weisberg, PhD and Alfred Clavel, Jr, MD
Mark and Alfred will continue the conversation about what could and should
 be done to help with one of the most urgent issues in public health now -
 treating chronic pain and avoiding opioid addiction.

The topic has great importance to our whole community, even to those of us who do not treat chronic pain or addiction. Being familiar with the topic
 will  help us educate our clients and other professionals in the area about better options and ho w to find a qualified specialist in the area. 

Tune in and be a part of the force that will help the whole society heal and find better ways to help those in pain.

Register by 5 PM CDT on October 3 to guarantee your registration for the live presentation.

Learn more here.


October 12-15, 2017
Houston, TX

In addition to offering the Basic and Intermediate Workshops, ASCH-ERF will be offering the following Advanced Workshop in Houston:
Hypnosis for Trauma-Informed Integrative Medicine.

Physical, sexual, and psychological trauma are associated with mental, emotional, interpersonal, and physical manifestations that often involve medical presentations and conditions. This workshop will review the somatic conditions and experiences associated with trauma and outline a phase-oriented approach for hypnotic and psychophysiological interventions. Specific strategies for somatic symptom processing will be reviewed and integrated with hypnotic techniques. 

The workshop will also address how relevant aspects of neuroplasticity, psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics, and beliefs can inform hypnotic interventions for a variety of medical conditions. Finally, as life-style modifications are often essential to health promotion, hypnotic applications for habit management will also be addressed.

The workshop will provide sufficient information for participants new to the advanced workshops as well as more seasoned practitioners looking for specialized training in integrative medicine applications. A comprehensive hypnotic approach, including relevant non-hypnotic components, will be outlined and taught through didactic presentation, demonstration, and dyadic practice.

Learn more here.

November 30-December 3, 2017
San Diego, CA

In addition to offering the Basic and Intermediate Workshops, ASCH-ERF will be offering the following Advanced Workshop in San Diego:  Hypnosis, Neurophysiology, and Zen for Pain and Suffering.

This workshop is designed to increase clinical skills in managing pain and suffering utilizing hypnosis, as well education, motivational interviewing and Zen. The workshop will begin with an easy to follow neurophysiological explanation of pain and why chronic pain treatment often involves the management of suffering. We will first work on dissociative hypnotic suggestions to manage acute pain; specifically, when a person is already in acute pain (e.g., the emergency room) or is going to undergo a painful procedure (e.g., surgery, labor and delivery). We will then describe how the management of chronic pain using a biopsychosocial model allows us to put hypnotic interventions in a larger paradigm that increases the probability that the induction will make a difference. We will discuss using Zen to hold the context of hypnosis; efforts to make the pain go away are often far less enduring than teaching patients to change their relationship with pain. This workshop will include power point didactics, demonstrations, and small group practice. We will work as a group to assess someone with chronic pain. The experiential components of the workshop are designed not only for the clinicians to increase their skills by "out-louding" the material but to create personal growth in their lives when they are undergoing the inductions themselves. The leader, David R. Patterson Ph.D. is the author of Clinical Hypnosis for Pain Control (2010) as well as 150 scientific papers on related topics. He has given workshops in a dozen countries and regularly works with patients suffering from acute and chronic pain at the University of Washington.

Learn more here.

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