I'm frazzled.
To my awesome customers, I am writing you to let you that I am just plain frazzled. Over the past five years my health has taken a hit, my stress level has risen,I'm in constant pain and at an unhealthy weight that effects everything. I'm always running( not the healthy exercise way) taking care of everyone. Not just this business but also my family and friends.
This world is running a fast pace and I cant keep up with doing everything I do. Chris has noticed in the last 2 years it has gotten really out of hand. So in our few moments of alone time that we get. We went back and forth about what we can do. We decided since we have so many wonderful pool companies in our area that we will have to give up a service that we really don't have our hands on. That would be the pool openings and closings.
I so hate to lose you as customers.
But don't leave me yet. I want to tell you that you have someone along with the local pool companies. You have Brandon.
Brandon has been my buddy the last few years. When he lived in Florida and went to school, he came up and helped with the openings and closings. I made sure it was worth his time. I always thought one day when we retire I would give him that part of my business. If he wanted it. He is a hard worker. He is the my best employee that I managed. He went beyond his duties. I trust him totally, getting the job done and done right. I have to admit working around his schedule was difficult for me. But it wasn't his fault at all. I am a perfectionist. He is giving a discount for this first year. Trying to get himself a customer base.
You can go to the contact form and fill out the info. Just remember please. I don't have anything to do with his schedule, arrival or his work. So please do not call,text or email me. That's part of me downsizing.
Warning: If you have anyone else close your pool. Do not allow them to lower your pool water below the bottom of the skimmer face plate square. If you take water off your liner. You may have wrinkles in your pool liner when you open it back up. That is not a warranty problem. It can cost 1,000 to reset your liner and more money to haul water in to fill it back up.
I want to personally Thank You for all your business. You have been so good to me. I hope I did a great service for you. We are still installing pools. Replacing pool liners and installing safety covers.
Valeria D Adam
Aqualeisure Pools Inc | drpoolphd@aol.com