Photo Challenge
Only one person got this right

Jackson Inn, Castle Rock, WA.
After February's challenge, when about a zillion correct answers amassed, the March challenge proved to be much tougher. Only one reader identified Jackson Inn of Castle Rock, Washington, where Susan B. Anthony and Abigail Scott Duniway each stayed in 1871.

Bonus answer: The first and second female Washington secretaries of state: Belle Reeves and Kim Wyman.
April Photo Challenge
by Ben Helle, Olympia Branch Archivist
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Here is a fun one we stumbled across this week. Let's see how many of our readers can identify this famous Washington native, sitting at John Cherberg's desk. 

I have a feeling we are going to get a lot of correct answers this month!

Cracking the Archives
Escape Artists
by Emily Venemon, Olympia Branch Research Assistant
Mugshots of Ralph Lee, 1916, (top), and Daniel Herron, 1917.
In 1916, two men were tried in Stevens County Superior Court and sentenced to the Washington State Reformatory. The first was Daniel Herron, convicted of second-degree burglary for horse theft. The second was Ralph Lee, convicted of grand larceny for check fraud. On September 23, 1916, the two were handcuffed together as they were being transported from Colville to Monroe by a travelling guard. Somehow, one of the men managed to throw a handful of tobacco snuff or pepper into the guard's eyes, and the... keep reading
Lost treasures: The missing model of the Territorial Capitol Building

The scale model of the Territorial Capitol Building, c. 1960.
Somehow, some way, the original model of the Territorial Capitol Building is missing. As you can see in the photo, the model is quite large. It rises head-and-shoulders over an observer, standing on the Lord Mansion grounds. Read more on

If you know where it is, let us know!

History Happy Hour was a hit once again!
by Ben Helle, Olympia Branch Archivist
It was a packed Barrel Room on Thursday, March 30, for our latest History Happy Hour! Thanks to everyone for coming and putting your knowledge of Washington history to the test. An additional thanks to our friends at the Washington State Historical Society and to Three Magnets Brewery for hosting. 

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Employee Spotlight
Alison Costanza, Northwest region Assistant Branch Archivist.

This month's Employee Spotlight takes a look at the Northwest region's Assistant Branch Archivist, Alison Costanza.

Read her full interview to find out what she does at the Archives, what she did before the Archives, and how she would like the Archives to be down the line.
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Out of the Archives banner photo: Ritzville Spring Horse Show, 1919.