Happy New Year
Photo Challenge
That's Martin Luther King Jr. speaking at the podium. He's not the challenge—we aren't making it that easy. This photo shows King speaking during his only visit to Washington.

The man sitting on the far right, with his hand over his knee, was responsible for drawing King to Seattle. He is known as a leader in the fight for social justice in the Pacific Northwest, and was the first person ever featured in a Legacy Washington exhibit. Name that man.

This looked easy—but it
was really hard
A few folks correctly identified the resort shown here under a Rainier-ton of snowfall. However, many readers thought Paradise Inn was too obvious. We received a wide array of less-obvious locales which included Paradise as a second possibility.

Hopefully the photographer was just out for a winter stroll, not a would-be guest who arrived to find the hotel closed for the season. Either way, we are grateful for the beautiful photo!

Cracking the Archives
Free event: How to preserve and protect family records
The Olympia Archives will host a free event on Saturday, January 27, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

At the seminar, you'll hear expert advice and hands-on demonstrations from archivists about how to organize and preserve your family records, and how to keep them safe during natural disasters. Available space is limited.

Thank you, donors
In the 1930s it was popular belief that communism was rampant in Washington. In the nation's capital, a politician famously remarked about "the 47 states and the Soviet of Washington."

Hint: This politician was crucial to Franklin Roosevelt's presidential and gubernatorial campaigns.

Meet Devin O'Brian.

Devin works in Imaging Services at the Archives Building in Olympia.

 Read the entire interview to find out how much Devin takes pride in what he does here at the Archives. Learn which book he thinks is the greatest sequel ever written, and see which celebrity looks just like the King of Sweden!
During the holiday season, the Combined Fund Drive, within the Office of the Secretary of State, holds an auction for OSOS employees of gift baskets donated by each division of OSOS. The Archives would like to send out a special thanks to Exit Puzzles Escape Rooms, Cooper Point Public House, and all the Archives employees who generously made donations.
Out of the Archives, Jan. 2018 banner photo: Fort Lewis Army soldiers with guns disembarking from a boat for a demonstration in Puget Sound, c. 1945, State Library Photograph Collection, 1851-1990.