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Out of the Archives readers sure know their state parks. Dozens of respondents gave the correct answer, Moran State Park on Orcas Island in the San Juans. Robert Moran was known for his ship-building empire, and his stint as Seattle mayor, but perhaps most of all, the state park of his namesake. You can read more about Moran's amazing rags-to-riches story here.

The arch was rebuilt in a slightly different shape, but it seems that didn't leave anyone scratching their head.

November Photo Challenge
by Benjamin Helle, Patrick McDonald and Jamison Murphy

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This man sparked the party in the streets on the night of Armistice Day, November 11, 1918, which of course we now know as Veterans Day. Word reached Seattle late that night, but this man, head of the naval training camp at the University of Washington, gathered his boys and started a parade through downtown. The ensuing party would last more than a full day, celebrating the end of World War I. He might be better known for his and his grandson's time as state congressmen. 

Who is he?  Let us know how much research it took to figure this one out!
Cracking the Archives
Washington prides itself as a trailblazer, and that is certainly nothing new. In the 1800s, prior to statehood, our progressive territory hosted the boldest suffragist of all time. Speaking to the Territorial House of Representatives on the topic of women's voting, Susan B. Anthony had the support of numerous contemporary state politicians. A "new" old polling book reveals George Bush's grandson played an  active   role in women's voting at the time it finally came to fruition in our state. Read all about it here
by Patrick WIlliams, Imaging Services Manager

Yakima Canutt doubled for John Wayne in Stagecoach and several other movies.
This is the amazing story about a man who grew up in rural Penawawa, Whitman County, Washington. He competed in rodeos and eventually became a stuntman and actor during the great Western movie boom in the 1930s and 1940s.  Enos "Yakima" Canutt was born in Whitman County in 1895 to rancher and State Representative John L... read more

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Lanny always gives a tireless effort and considers her volunteer work her profession-in fact, it used to be her profession. Lanny worked at the Archives for years before retiring and becoming a volunteer. Keep up the amazing work! We appreciate every single second of precious time dedicated to volunteering. The amazing corps of volunteers we're fortunate enough to have is truly making a difference. 

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Employee Spotlight
This month's Employee Spotlight takes a look at the recently named Archives Employee of the Year

Ben is the most helpful person with whom anyone will ever work, and that, combined with the insight and expertise on display in his interview, is why he earned the Employee of the Year honor. Read the whole interview
The Election is Finally Here
by Jamison Murphy, Archives Outreach
Never say your vote doesn't count. Especially here in the United States. Especially here in Washington.

Over 100 elections at the state-level or national-level have been decided by less than a 0.1% (one-tenth of a percent) margin... Learn about some of the wacky elections from Washington and around the country and world.
Washington Remembers WWII
from Legacy Washington

Washington Remembers WWII, featuring a dozen gripping profiles of Washingtonians who served in World War II, has just been released by the Office of the Secretary of State's Legacy Washington team.

The book is currently for sale at the State Seal Store for $20, and will be available for purchase on Amazon soon. 

Learn more from the Secretary of State's blog, From Our Corner.
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Happy Thanksgiving!
Photo courtesy of Washington State Magazine (WSU) - Washington State College, Stevens Hall, 1911, by Robert Burns.

From everyone at the Archives, have a safe and most wonderful holiday. 

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