Year Three of the Summer Science Discovery Program is a Week of Excitement for all. 
Week One of the "e" inc. Summer Science Discovery Program was a real "pant-hoot" with a week of discovery focusing on our close cousins, the primates.  Going from Apes (the Chimpanzees, Gorillas, and Orangutans) to the Lemurs of Madagascar (as the kids now know, a set of species endemic to that island country), and the monkeys of the old and new worlds (do you know the differences?), the children in our three age groups became resident experts in the ways of the primate world.
Whether investigating where and what they eat, how they communicate across a vast forest, and how smart the apes are in relation to Homo Sapiens (us), all the children gained a new fascination and expertise about a set of beings who they did not really know well before.
Each week the Summer Science Discovery Program immerses its participants in a fascinating science topic.  For August '17 we are looking into the worlds of primates in week one and then switching to loving bugs in week two.  Every day, the campers get involved in exciting science as they delve into different aspects of the week's topic.  Then, in the afternoon, we switch gears slightly and take on a science WOW so that the funnier and sillier aspects of a day in science can be tried on, as well.  So far, a big favorite has been the creation of wind powered rafts on wheels for a contest testing whose design can go the farthest.   Amazing to see what our kids can create, when challenged.
Summer Science Discovery Program also took time out to be eclipse-watchers and joined a set of people gathered on the Harborwalk behind our building.  This included local scientists from the research centers all 'oohing' and 'aahing' as others, with telescopes, pin-hole cameras in a cardboard box, and photos shared from the telescope, shared their view with all the children.  A wonderful experience that culminated in the launching of handmade and decorated film canister rockets created by our child-rocketry teams before they sent them up into the stratosphere for their own journey into SPACE - the final frontier.

What can be more fun than running a race between 3,000 rubber duckies?

Watching their owners cheering them on!

Can anything be sillier than cheering on a rubber duck?  We don't think so! So...come and join in the fun and games when the "e" inc. Environment Science Discovery & Action Museum gets us all involved in its first ever Duck Dash.  How fast can your ducks go, as they bob and weave through the channel for one of our prizes?
Our crackerjack TEAM OF HELPERS is corralling gifts as we write, so that there are 40 prizes from dinners for two, wine baskets, and even the First Prize: $350 in cash to the #1 duckie

Saturday, October 14th  from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
On the Harborwalk behind Building 114 at 16th Street
With the day filled by science activities, fun fair games, face-painting, food from the Chubby Chickpea Truck, and amazing Music by Amy Kucharik and the Second String Band, we will create an exciting afternoon until finally:  The Running of the Ducks from 1:30 to 2:00 in the Mystic Channel.  The excitement is already mounting.
Don't miss the event, the games, the prizes, and of course the purchasing of your ducks at:
Please note, you must be present to win your prize.
If you have great ideas for prizes or can donate one - please call us at:
617-242-4700 or email at

Americorps 2:  A Warm Welcome to Christion Jarvis

"e" inc. has now become part of a US service tradition that is turning into a wonderful support for our non-profit.  His year we welcome our second AmeriCorps Volunteer: Mr. Christion Jarvis.  Christion comes from across the country and has been deeply immersed in day school work with youth in 2 cities through his involvement with City Year.  At these sites, Christion both mentored and helped in-classroom work before accepting a leadership position that allowed him to support and supervise other City Year workers, as well as, create programs at his site.  He has a deep love of the living (Biotic) and the non-living (Abiotic) worlds and will be taking on a new teen team for "e" inc.
In the same breath, we must also give a shout-out to our graduating AmeriCorps staff member, Ms. Thi Tran, who has both aided our non-profit as an administrator while launching a very exciting team of youth at the BCYF Cleveland Community Center in Fields Corner, Dorchester.  This collaboration has been nothing short of miraculous, with an excellent team at the Cleveland providing committed support and our Ms. Tran involving the youth in science and civic action throughout the year.  Thi is slated to return to "e" inc. as a full time staff member this fall and will be returning to her teen team, as well.
An Important Notice about 
"e" inc.  After School Programming
"e" inc.  is expanding its after school work and is seeking partners interested in hiring our team for the school year.  If you are a parent looking for more science programming in your child's school or after school or if you are a day or after care teacher hoping for the same, please let us know or, better year, introduce us to the leadership at your site.
Why become an "e" inc. after school team?
We teach a robust hands-on science to all children,
We match our lessons to each group's developmental skills,
We engage children in both science and action,
Our children maintain their action program for the entire school year,
We create our own curriculums and they are filled with activities,
Sites love our teachers and our work,
Your children will become Protectors of the Planet.
Our fees are modest and we come once-a-week for the year,
We consider ourselves your partner and are in-residence at your site.
Contact us at: // We see all of these emails immediately and will respond directly.