Ice cream is a summer staple in Georgina, one that is enjoyed by residents and tourists alike. Even with the pandemic and increased public health restrictions, Scoopy Doos in Keswick’s Uptown Business Improvement Area (UKBIA) has ensured its customers can still enjoy a scoop, or two or three (why not?), this summer by installing two new walk-by pick-up windows. 

Owners Sheila and Tom were in the midst of installing their first window just before the pandemic hit in 2020, and it helped them as they navigated safety protocols. They noticed some inefficiencies, so decided to contact the Economic Development Tourism office at the Town to apply for another Community Improvement Plan Grant to install two more windows. This would allow them to accept payment at one window and hand out their sweet treats at the others. 

“The grant is wonderful,” said co-owner Sheila. “It’s been a lifesaver for our business, which is closed for more than six months of the year with no revenue coming in - but lots going out.”

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