February 10, 2020
State Chamber Update
Like most industries, the news industry has gone through substantial change over the past couple of decades. With the explosion of the internet and the creation of many new channels for news and information, businesses and consumers have an abundance of choices. Here at the State Chamber, we created DSCC Daily to curate the stories, events, policies and information we believe should be of the greatest interest to our members. DSCC Daily serves as an aggregate page so you don't have to go looking for information.
Tomorrow, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell testifies before Congress, and we learn of Q4 household debt. Thursday brings us Consumer Price Index figures for January, and we wrap up the week on Friday with facts and figures from January that includes retail sales, industrial production and import prices. We’ll also get business inventory data for December on Friday.
Michael J. Quaranta
Delaware State Chamber of Commerce
The ultimate goal of the schools, programs, and professional development administered by A Friend of the Family, Inc. is to teach the social, behavioral, and educational skills necessary to successfully integrate students into the traditional classroom. The combined dedication of staff, students, family, and community will provide the basis for improved education.
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