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News and Insights on the Masonry Repair and Maintenance of Institutional, Commercial, and Condominium Buildings in  
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Volume 10 No. 1
April 2018
Welcome to the premiere issue of Masonry Solutions 2018. In this issue, our Case Study article describes total exterior restoration of a 4-story brick and stone townhouse-type apartment building owned by the Pine Street Inn in Boston's Historic South End District. Notably, the project was "fast tracked" to beat the cold winter weather. In our Masonry 101 article, we describe what cladding is.

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Michael Norman, President
Abbot Building Restoration Company, Inc.

Case Study

Abbot Completes Fast Track Restoration Project on  Pine Street Inn Townhouse/Apartment Building

Abbot recently completed a total exterior restoration of a 4-story brick and stone townhouse-type apartment building owned by the Pine Street Inn at 300 Shawmut Avenue in Boston's Historic South End District. Initiated in the Fall of 2015/2016, the project was "fast tracked" to assure completion before the onset of the cold winter weather.
300 Shawmut Street, Boston, MA
The project was awarded to Abbot as the low bidder and also based on their previous experience on a large restoration project on a building owned by the Pine Street Inn at 85 Green Street in Boston.
Over the years, the Pine Street Inn has opened, assumed management of, or purchased new properties to expand its supportive housing program. Several of these buildings have required maintenance in conjunction with the regulations specified by the South End Architectural Commission.
The project consisted of a complete restoration of both front and rear elevations all the way from the ground level to the dormers at the roofline. The renovation included the following elements:
  • Brick cleaning
  • Cutting and repointing all of the mortar joints using specially formulated matching mortar to comply with the Architectural Commission's regulations
  • Replacing the pre-cast stone headers and sills
  • Repairs to the front and rear dormers including new slate sidewalls and windows
  • New EPDM flat roof
  • New copper gutters and downspouts
  • Repairs to all deteriorated wood around the windows including the 2nd floor bay window
  • Extensive brick work in the dental area below the gutter using bricks resourced by Abbot to match the originals
Abbot also replaced the windows in the dormer in the rear of the building, and performed necessary carpentry work on the deteriorated wood surrounding these windows and miscellaneous painting. In addition, Abbot recladded the face of the dormers with standing seam copper.
Founded in 1969, the Pine Street Inn provides a comprehensive range of services, including permanent supportive housing, job training and placement, emergency shelter and street outreach to more than 1,900 homeless men and women in Boston each day.
Masonry 101

What is "Cladding"?

n our Case Study article, we indicated that Abbot "recladded" the dormers on the 300 Shawmut Avenue building with a copper material. Basically,
cladding is the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer. In construction, cladding is used to provide an extra layer of protection against the weather to the exterior of a building. Cladding can be made of any of a wide range of materials including metals, wood, brick, cement, or plastic.

The cladding material is most commonly installed around windows, doors, roofs, and chimneys-areas where wind and rain may infiltrate the building. Cladding may also offer thermal insulation and can provide a level of noise control.
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