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Volume 10 No. 4
September 2018
In this issue of Masonry Solutions, our Case Study article describes Phase 1 of a Fast Track masonry repair project involving multiple residential apartment buildings in Boston's Fenway area. In our Masonry 101 article, we describe how a flame retardant scaffold sheeting enables cold weather masonry work. Phase 2 will be described in our next issue.

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Michael Norman, President
Abbot Building Restoration Company, Inc.

Case Study

Abbot Performs Fast Track Masonry Repair on    Multiple Apartment Buildings in Boston's Fenway Area

497 Huntington Ave.
Abbot recently completed Phase 1 of a comprehensive masonry repair project at a series of residential apartment buildings owned by Hemenway Apartments in Boston's Fenway section. The buildings were located at 497 and 499 Huntington Avenue, 875 Huntington Avenue, and 97 Hemenway Street.
After securing funds for the project, the owner hired James Blauch Architect to develop a repair plan and put the contract out to bid in the Summer 2017. A key stipulation was that Phase 1 be Fast Tracked so that work would be initiated immediately and continue
875 Huntington Ave.  
through the winter with the target for completion in Spring 2018. Phase 2 would follow in the Summer 2018. Abbot was awarded the contract as the low bidder and due to its previous experience working with the owner.
The scope of the work consisted of cutting and pointing all of the brick joints, replacing deteriorated pre-cast stone window headers and sills, and caulking all of the windows.
97 Hemenway St.
Initiating the project in the Fall 2017, Abbot constructed 2-point suspended scaffolding throughout the interior courtyard of each building to perform as much of the work before the onset of winter. So that the street side and rear wall repairs could continue during the winter, Abbot constructed built-up scaffolding on the balance of the areas. Abbot enclosed the scaffolding with Monarflex® Flamesafe fire retardant polyethylene sheeting with temporary roof covering to contain the heat. To meet the owner's demands, Abbot completed all of the work in June 2018.
®Monarflex SRO, Slovakia
Masonry 101

Flame Retardant Scoffold Sheeting Enables          Cold Weather Masonry Work

In the Case Study article above, Abbot was able to perform outdoor masonry work through the cold winter months by employing a special flame retardant scaffold sheeting manufactured by Monarflex s.r.o. (Slovakia).
Monarflex® scaffold sheeting helps ensure that site work continues in virtually all weather conditions, protecting workers from rain, snow and wind chill.
In addition, the material protects workers from debris and dust, and enhances worker security on the scaffold.
With the addition of a flame retardant additive to the material, Monarflex sheeting prevents open fire from welding, for example, from spreading by self-extinction of the flames.
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