May 30, 2022
Suzanne Hunt
Clairvoyant, Healer, Spiritual Teacher
Does your community validate the truest expression of you?
Hello spiritual friends!
We build a variety of relationships in this life we live, and over time they become our personal community. We may have people we work with, family members, extended family and people within organizations we engage in, such as a church group, volunteer organization or outdoor activities group. We may have a wider circle of social friends and then those special few with whom we feel a closer connection.

It is important to choose a personal community that includes people with whom we can be our most authentic self, share our deepest feelings, express ourselves fully and when needed, talk about the difficult things that are important to us. One of the most validating aspects of relationship is when we can be our most true and genuine expression with another person. No hiding; no pretending. Just feeling good to be in our own skin and able to express it with loving grace and ease.

When we let our natural inner light shine in our personal relationships, we generate energy that validates who we are as a unique spirit on this planet. We are validating that we can accept ourselves, wholly, with all our beautiful aspects as well as the not so beautiful ones. The whole package of "me" is getting my own stamp of approval. The validation, acceptance or affinity we have for ourselves is the most powerful compliment we can ever receive. Why? Because we generated it "to and from ourselves", we are able to bring the experience into the fabric of our inner belief system and carry it forward with us. That validation will stand upright and strong out in the larger world, no matter what life serves up next. We have just ignited more positive energy for own self-image.

The most important reason to have a few people with whom we can be truly authentic is the wonderful impact it has on our sense of self, or the 4th chakra. But there are a few excellent benefits that come with it in the relationship department.

When we can be our true selves in relationship, it gives our loved ones permission to do the same. They may find a natural inclination to also speak up about something important, express themselves more fully or share more authentically. Perhaps they feel it is safe to do so, because you did. Or they recognize that they actually appreciated listening your emotional honesty (even if it was difficult to hear). You were being "real". Maybe it just feels refreshing to know you at this deeper level and they want you to know them more deeply too.

What happens when two people are able to move into this space of self-expression, authenticity and emotional honesty? We begin to feel more connection in the relationship, a deeper sense of appreciation for each other and a special kind of intimacy. Intimacy is created when we can be vulnerable, honest and true in our relationships. In a world that may otherwise seem pretty superficial, we crave the experience of being with someone with whom we can relax and be ourselves. Being our most authentic self in relationship is food for the soul.

How many people in your personal community do you truly enjoy? With which of them do you feel like you can be your most true and authentic self? Who would you be if you could express your truest self in your most important relationships?

Blessings to you on your spiritual journey!
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