World Water Day is March 22

Designated by the UN as a day dedicated to raising awareness of the multitude of issues connected to the global water crisis, World Water Day is your opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many. 
With your support, Engineers in Action can continue working in communities where water sources are distant, depleted and contaminated. 

Donate today to support the 2017 World Water Day projects: 

These projects need your support. 
 Join us for World Water Day 2017 with a donation now, and your dollars will be doubled. Thanks to our generous matching fund donors, for every $1 donated for World Water Day, Engineers in Action will receive $2.

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New Year, New EIA

In 2017, EIA plans to look better, communicate better and be better. Check out the new, complete with a map of all our project sites, including our expanded operations in Ecuador. Our aim is to make our website a resource for all of our partners and supporters, so don't hesitate to let us know what you need to see at Stay tuned for regular project updates, new listings of projects available for partnership and much more!

US Staff travel to Bolivian office

US operations staff, including Executive Director Rod Beadle, traveled to EIA's Bolivian offices last month to attend the annual staff retreat with the entire Engineers in Action team. In addition to multiple days of in-office team building, strategic planning, meetings and discussion, staff traveled into the rural Andean mountains to visit program sites and further discover the beautiful Bolivian culture. 

New Program focuses on child cognitive development

Engineers in Action will launch a new program in 2017 aimed at enhancing the cognitive development of young children in the rural communities where EIA works by providing safe, quality play opportunities with reused playground equipment.
"We have an opportunity to take usable, high quality playground equipment no longer being utilized in the US and installing it in a community where quality play opportunities - those that engage motor skills and encourage brain development - do not exist," said Rod Beadle, executive director of Engineers in Action. 

"We know that children are our first adopters of new habits like washing hands," said Beadle. "It's a bridge for us to enter the community, but we're also making a major impact on these children. With this program, we're giving them a gift they couldn't fathom. The way they light up when we install those slides is exhilarating. Little do they know the long-term impact something as simple as a slide will have on their brains."
Join EIA on this new venture by volunteering for an implementation trip, where you will travel to rural Bolivia and stay with the community, performing minor construction to install the slide. 

This an experience like none other that allows you to build relationships with community members, participate in their culture and integrate into their every day lives, culminating in a community celebration to christen the playground you've helped build for the children's benefit.  To volunteer or learn more, click here.

Wondering what we're up to? 
Here's a short list of some of our biggest tasks for this month.

South America Operations:
  • Trip to Timusi to gather data for the design of the supply line and develop the budget.
  • Update Trip to Culli Culli Alto.
  • Post implementation trip to evaluate the project in Suncallo.
  • Meetings with municipalities to promote our B2P program and discuss possible implementation sites.
North America Operations:
  • Following up and finalizing a number of items from the staff retreat.
  • Launching our World Water Day campaign.
  • Planning and implementing new programs - stay tuned for exciting info!
  • Optimizing donor relations strategies.