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Vol.2 Issue #2         
   A newsletter from North American Division Stewardship Ministries

John Mathews, Director

Treasures in Heaven

"But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal "
(Matthew 6:20, NKJV).

Ever wonder why you have seen eggs splatter on the floor, but have never seen a splattered egg go back into its shell? Or why it's much easier for your room to stay messy than clean? Or why, no matter how much work you put into it, sooner or later your car breaks down?

It's called the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In our world, everything moves from order to disorder. The Second Law teaches that over time everything breaks down, falls apart, or decays.  And though many complicated physics formulas describe this process, we can see this process without them all the time, even in our own bodies. 

In this world, our things will eventually become victims of the Second Law.  No wonder Jesus tells us to put our treasures in heaven where the Second Law of Thermodynamics does not apply.

However, there is a law in Biblical stewardship that sets in motion our disorder to be destined for order.  Things here do not last, but in heaven they do. Putting our treasure in heaven changes it from disorder to order. As God's stewards we have a responsibility to invest resources entrusted to us by God in a way that will ultimately last forever.   

It's simple: Put what you treasure in heaven.


These tips were shared in last quarter's newsletter, but are inserted here as a reminder as April approaches. The paragraph about Easter is an addition.

1.  Download the Stewardship Sabbath materials from our website . You
received a sermon outline, children's story, and power point presentation for use in your churches in January.

2. Highlight volunteering and serving.  Statistics show that those who volunteer/serve give the most. The week of April 10-16, 2017, is National Volunteer Week, and April 15-17, 2017, is Global Youth Service Day. In your Stewardship sermon on April 8, it would be a good time to highlight these days for members, and offer ideas on how they can volunteer/serve in their
local church and community.

3. Remember Easter as you prepare for Stewardship Month. April 16, 2017. You might be thinking, "What does Easter and Stewardship have to do with each other?!"  Everything! The resurrection of Christ should inform every aspect of our lives: How I spend my time. How I spend my money. How I serve others. How I love others. How I spend all my life's resources. Is the resurrection of Christ real to me in my daily living? Don't miss the opportunity on Easter Sabbath to help people reevaluate their relationship with the Lord and  recommit their entire life to Him as  a faithful steward of all His blessings.

4. Highlight stewardship of the earth. April 22, 2017,  is Earth Day. Encourage your members to study what God's Word says about our care of the earth. For example, Revelation 11:18 states, " The nations were angry, and Your wrath has come, And the time of the dead, that they should be judged, And that You should reward Your servants the prophets and the saints, And those who fear Your name, small and great, And should destroy those who destroy the earth" (NKJV). The point is not to stress that those who destroy the earth will be wiped out, but that God takes the care of His earth seriously.

5. Share on Facebook about Stewardship Month. Go to to find meaningful quotes about stewardship.

6.  Develop a stewardship plan for the year. Sometimes we forget to give long-term thought to stewardship planning. Ideas include:
  • Starting the new year by leading small group studies with Counsels on Stewardship by Ellen G. White.
  • Using "20 Questions," by G. Edward Reid to answer a stewardship question once a month (or more often) during the year in your bulletin or your online newsletter.
  • Discussing "16 Ways to Increase Giving" with the local church leadership team. 
All of these resources are available here.


Pastor Mathews, NAD Stewardship Director, presents Tracy John with the NAD Stewardship Certification at the Adventist Ministries Convention Banquet.

Pablo Fernandez and Richard Aguilera editing
"The Mysterious Note" (Film coming soon).

Elder Dan Jackson speaks to participants at the Southeastern California Conference Stewardship Summit titled, "Living Generously."

If you would like to invite Pastors John Mathews or Bonita Shields to your 
conference or church for presentations on stewardship, please email us at



April   Stewardship Month

April 8  Stewardship Sabbath

May 8-18 Planned Giving & Trust Services Certification Training (Berrien Springs, MI)

September 6   Stewardship Planning Committee 

November 4   Stewardship Sabbath

Stewardship Jack ' s Corner
Super Dog' s Cape
by Jan Mathews  

Stewardship Jack has a lot to live up to. How would you like to have that name? The "S" on his cape must represent Super, as in "Super Steward."
Is Jack really a Super Dog? Investigation reveals that underneath his cape, Jack is very ordinary "dogness." It took remedial education to help him to heel on leash. Jack loves to do tricks and perform, but he freezes in the spotlight. He is not a certified therapy, search, or rescue dog. He does not sniff out drugs. He is certainly not a hunting dog; he panics at loud noises. He can't sing or howl as he actually dislikes music. He's terrible at house work! The yardwork he does is not helpful. Evidently, the Super Dog Cape does not give him super powers.
But Jack is very good at two things: Posing for photos and loving people. He eagerly leans into the laps of the elderly as they cry and hug him, remembering their former pets. He snuggled onto the bed of my elderly mother to give her comfort. He brings smiles with the sparkle in his eyes and a wag of his tail to children and their parents.
No, Jack is no super dog, but he is content sharing the talents God has given him. The "S" on his shirt stands for Satisfied Sharing Steward. Now if we could just learn that. 
Stewardship Jack's Corner can be utilized in a children's
story  about stewardship.    

For resources and more information on Stewardship Jack, visit