The Important Medicare Move You Should Make Sooner Rather Than Later
Even though Medicare Open Enrollment ended in December, the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period is going on right now. This is an opportunity for those who are currently enrolled in Medicare Advantage to change plans.

W hat if you're enrolled in Medicare Advantage but aren't thrilled with your plan choice? What if you find its network of providers too restrictive, or you realize there's a better plan out there for you? This year, thanks to the new Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period, you have the option to switch plans if you're dissatisfied with the one you're currently on. But you'll need to act quickly -- you only have between January 1 and March 31 to take advantage of this new enrollment window.

During the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period, you can:

  • Switch from one Advantage plan to another

  • Drop your Advantage plan and enroll in original Medicare

  • Sign up for a Part D drug plan once you've dropped your Advantage plan and are back on original Medicare.

Those with Medicare Advantage plans have a second chance to find the best coverage. But take action before March 31 or you’ll be stuck until next year.
Upcoming RDS Deadlines
(plan year end | recon. due date)
10/2018 | 01/31/2020
11/2018 | 03/02/2020
12/2018 | 03/31/2020
(plan year start | app. due date)
05/01/2020 | 01/31/2020
06/01/2020 | 03/02/2020
07/01/2020 | 04/01/2020

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