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The importance of visibility on site

Every vehicle and piece of machinery has a danger zone. The risks in that zone can be catastrophic - for Leo Pitruzzella they were deadly. Leo was a labourer with a paving company. He was struck and killed by a loaded dump truck when it reversed into him. There was no signaler, no circle-check and the music in the truck cab was cranked up loud. As you're orienting employees for a new construction season, make sure the hazards around mobile vehicles and machinery are clear, and the controls are understood. For workers in other sectors, Leo's story is a powerful reminder of the consequences of a work-related tragedy. Leo's wife Erin writes "Our past, present and future was in a wooden box that was screwed shut. A family photo on top of the casket was of a happy family frozen in time."
Visit Threads of Life at conferences this spring!

Thanks to our committed and passionate partners, Threads of Life will be out and about, spreading the word about our programs for those affected by workplace tragedies, and promoting prevention. We will have material displays at these events in the next few weeks. See you there!

Be a TEAM player!

One great way to motivate and unite your work team is to get them involved in a meaningful cause outside of their work responsibilities. The Team Challenge is tailor-made for team building. Team Challenge is part of Steps for Life - Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy events across Canada. It's a chance to demonstrate your commitment to health and safety, build team spirit, and do some good at the same time. A Steps for Life team can be any group of three or more people - work colleagues, friends or family. It's easy to set up your team online, and start fundraising! The top five teams across the country are listed on the front page of the Steps for Life web site. To get started today, just head to the site and hit the "Create a Team" button. You'll know you've not only strengthened friendships - you've raised the profile of health and safety, and created hope and healing for those affected by work-related tragedies.
Best practices for companies responding to work-related tragedy   

A work-related fatality or serious injury exacts a huge emotional and economic cost. And while no one wants such a tragedy to happen, the way a company responds can make a difference to the family of an injured or deceased worker.

No one knows that better than the family members of Threads of Life. Our report, Workplace tragedy: Employer communication and crisis response, provides some clear steps an employer can follow to connect with and support the family after a tragedy.

"This relationship [with the employer] was very important to our family," one respondent noted. "We felt that they sincerely cared about us and would do whatever they could to help us through the difficult times."

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