Join us this month as we celebrate the wonder of stories and storytelling, even as distance separates us!
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The Collier Family and the Homemade Bird Feeder Affair
Once upon a time, there was the Collier Family. Lindsey Collier, the faithful mother, and her three children: Poppy age 4, Smith age 7, and Cannon who is 11, refused to let social distancing keep them from having fun together. Lindsey heard about Creative Kids at Bridges to Growth where she could drive through, pick up some free craft supplies, take them home and watch the how-to videos with her children. Even though it was a cloudy and rainy day, that's exactly what Lindsey did!
Poppy scoops out the apple core.
Smith and Poppy fill the apples with seeds, gelatin and water.
Easy Peasy. The apples are ready!
Smith is one great bird feeder hanger!
Poppy and Smith admire their work.
Just waiting for the birds!
Epilogue: "The Creative Kids virtual crafts have been fantastic for our family during the quarantine. Even if we can't get out and about, we can still have a great time, learn something new and be creative. We appreciate Bridges to Growth offering a wide variety of activities for our 3 children, including supplies and detailed directions. Recent favorites are the "Cake in a Jar" and "Bird Feeders". Thank you for providing an opportunity to engage, teach and add some structure to our kids' day during such a unique time." 

Lindsey Collier
Photos courtesy of Lindsey Collier
Quote of the month: “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
― Philip Pullman
September 26, 2020

Celebrate National Family Day through stories! Strengthen family relationships, build vocabulary and creativity, and foster an interest in literature by telling stories and encouraging your children to tell their own!

Oral Story Tradition: One way to celebrate National Family Day is by starting an oral tradition of storytelling in your family.

  • Tell stories about relatives from past generations. What were they like? Invite your children to ask questions.
  • Have kiddos draw a picture of what they think the relative would have looked like and have them describe what they drew.

Other storytelling ideas for families:
Have everyone sit in a circle. One person begins a made-up story by beginning with "Once Upon a Time . . ." Then the next person adds to the story where the previous person left off. Each person has 30 seconds. Set a time clock for when the story should end.
Collect objects from around the house and line them up. Have each person create a short story relating to the object.
Cut out pictures of people from a magazine or newspaper. Give each person a picture and have them tell a made-up story about that person.
Have children make hand puppets using socks and markers. Tell them that these puppet people need to solve a problem (i.e., find the missing magic key) and have them act out the story with their puppets.
Use wordless books and have the children tell a story from the pictures.
Do you have other ideas for encouraging storytelling?
Drop us a note. We'd love to hear about it!
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