Watering your trees and lawn
Tree roots spread out up to 4 times wider than the height of the tree. Water should be applied within the drip line/critical root zone once a month for large trees or once a week for newer smaller trees depending on the amount of moister we have received. Water deeply and slowly to ensure properly moistened soil to keep those roots satisfied.

Its been a hot summer which can cause your beautiful green lawn to turn brown. Insects feeding, drought stress, soil compaction, diseases, or other factors can combine with heat to damage grass which can make the lawn more susceptible to be attacked by pathogens. Lawn aeration is recommended to alleviate soil compaction, and allow nutrients, water, and air to your lawn's roots. This will also help break down the thatch build up in your turf. If you haven't set up your aeration and deep root watering for fall please contact us today.
Mites are horrible this year!
If your Ash trees are looking anything like this, it is caused by Eriophyid mites (Picture to the right). They can cause leaf bronzing in midsummer. They are very difficult to see with the untrained eye but the damage they leave in their wake is drastic. Females are now starting the overwintering process and if the severity of mite damage this year, is any indication of what we will be looking at next season, we could be in for some trouble. We are strongly recommending dormant oil applications in fall and again in the spring. This will help cut down the population of mites and will make it possible to use less chemicals throughout the season. This is not only true for just Ash trees but for all of your landscape plants.
Pines can suffer from winter desiccation . Winter desiccation is a common type of winter injury that occurs when the amount of water lost by the foliage exceeds the amount picked up by the roots. Th is occurs when humidity is low with little to no snow and windy weather. Sound familiar? Almost every winter in Colorado, right? When you contact us for winter watering don't forget the Pines!
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Saluting Branches
Wednesday, September 19,2018
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Arborists United for Veteran Remembrance is an opportunity for tree care professionals throughout the country to unite and do what we do best – provide exceptional tree care – to keep our veterans’ cemeteries safe, beautiful places for all those who visit.
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