Participant Ed finds housing and sobriety!
It has been a busy month at The Dignity Center!
The journey may be long and difficult, but with support, great things happen. Take Ed, for example.
Here’s a story about something that happened this past week that has been many years in the making. 
Edward has been coming into The Dignity Center since at least 2014 and has struggled with alcoholism and mental health issues all those years. He didn't give up, we didn't give up.

This past week we got exciting news: Edward is three months sober! He’s very proud of the work he is doing. All his treatment is via zoom right now, so he came in needing a smart phone. He is meeting regularly with a DC advocate. He was homeless for many, many years and now in GRH (group residential housing)!
Hope you find Ed’s story as exciting as we do! This is just one great thing we were able to help with because of you. Thank you!

100,000 Pounds of Food Celebration!
Wednesday August 31, 2022

We are looking forward to celebrating a big milestone here end of August!
We have worked hand- in -hand with Second Harvest Heartland for almost 20 years on helping serve a nutritious meal at lunchtime and distributing healthy snacks for participants coming in working on stability goals. 
The food service started out as sandwiches and a food shelf, and evolved over the years into “Dignity Fresh,” a warm healthy meal cooked on site each day and served fresh from our commercial kitchen, renovated with support from you our donors!

So, mark your calendar for Wednesday August 31st for our momentous 100,000 lbs delivery and cake from Second Harvest and celebratory lunch!
A Call to ACTION!
Two actions you can take right now that can change our community for the better.

Calling for Reform in Eviction Laws
Minnesota is one of only 7 states that does NOT require a landlord to formally notify a tenant before filing an eviction.
Additionally, our laws essentially allow eviction records to remain on tenants’ records without discretion: regardless of whether the tenant wins, loses, or settles the case. Our neighbors who are low-income are disproportionately affected.
We can make a difference by engaging the Minnesota Senate on the issues of:
(1) requiring pre-eviction notice
(2) eviction expungement

Contact your State Representative and urge them to pass the Human Services Omnibus Bill (HF 4579) with Housing Support countable income modified included!
If you have just a moment then you can make a phone call and include some of the talking points from the content below.
If you need to locate your Representative’s contact information, enter your address here: then click on the “Contact” Icon to the right of your legislator’s photo to find their phone number, mailing address and email address

Use the template language below to create a letter to your representative for the OMNIBUS BILL:
Regarding: HF 4579 Human Services Omnibus Bill, including Housing Support countable income modified
Dear Representative your state representative name here,

I ask for your support in passing the Human Services Omnibus Bill HF 4579 with Housing Support countable income modified (original bill HF3568) included. My faith congregation is part of Align Minneapolis, an interfaith coalition where we work to address homelessness together. We listen to the voices of people with lived experiences of homelessness to inform our work and the group Street Voices of Change (a group of people with lived experiences of homelessness) has identified that Housing Support needs to change. Street Voices of Change members summarized:

“Housing Support as the program is today keeps people in homelessness or deters people from accessing housing because too much of a person’s income is taken for housing. Additionally, no renter’s credit is given, the program can be abusive, corrupt, and takes away our agency and ability to build savings to possibly purchase a car or a home of our own. The way this program is set up currently is not effective at ending homelessness.”

Including Housing Support countable income modified within HF 4579 will make an important adjustment so people on limited income such as SSI or Veteran’s Benefits will only pay 30% of their income to housing, rather than up to 90% they pay now. This needed change will help more people who are experiencing homelessness access housing that is affordable. Thank you for your

Click here for the Align website to find out more ways to get involved!
Phone calls and letters to your local representatives will make a difference!

The Dignity Center Advisory Board
Interested in helping lead The Dignity Center into a new phase? We are forming an advisory board for The Dignity Center, and looking for people to join! Here are some of the skills we are seeking out: advocacy, finance, fundraising, legal, marketing/communications, and strategic planning. Please contact Sarah Doebler, Development Director, for more information at Thank you!
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