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Dear Denver family,
It’s with much prayer and counsel that I have resigned from my position as Worship Director effective October 13 th . The past two years have been ones of growth, clarity and healing. When I took the position in January of 2018, I was beginning what I know now as the last 8 months of the most difficult 3 years of my life. Prior to me coming here, I had been the primary caretaker for a friend that was very sick, spending a year of the 3-year journey in the hospital. January of 2018 was still a volatile time, but I knew the opportunity to serve with you all here was an opportunity for God to restore my soul. He did that through our times together in worship, my time in youth worship, and time with our small group that met at Fran’s house . From January – August there were low lows and the highest of highs in my friend being healed by a surgery in June. I gave all that I could to this congregation during that time, but it wasn’t until October when things became normal again that I was able to give more. I felt as if I have been all in the past year, or as all in as I could be as part-timer. The last four months I have had some of the most memorable moments in rehearsals and worship with the choir, band, and the youth. There is truly more talent here than anywhere I’ve served. However, through emails and general conversation it has become clear that I am not the right person to lead this program into the future. I believe wonderful things are in store for DUMC, and I am praying for you all as you continue to move forward.
Brittany Bethel
T his Sunday we will have a videographer present on campus filming for an upcoming campaign. This footage will be used on the Church’s public social media sites and other forms of communication within the church. 
Knowing God
Youth Retreat
Registration forms for the fall Youth Retreat, “ Be Still & Know ” on November 1 st -3 rd are now available!

All forms and payments are due by October 24 th .

Contact Sandy at
for more information.
This Bible study will reveal to us how God's power that can be made perfect in our weakness. Our brokenness can be the beginning of something beautiful, and accepting the fact that we are broken can be the key to finding God's strength in the middle of the mess.
Sisters in Prayer -
Bible Study
" In the Middle of the Mess "
by Shelia Walsh.

Come join us starting October 24 th at 6:45 p.m. in the Chapel for a six week DVD/workbook Bible study. You MUST pre-register by Oct. 13 th so that workbooks can be ordered.

Email Jo Killian at

Psalm 23 - Bible Study
The Shepherd with me

The Friday Ladies Bible study will begin a new study on October 25th at 10:00 a.m. in the chapel. We will be doing a 7 week video driven study by Jennifer Rothschild on Psalm 23.
If you would like to get a book or if you need childcare, contact Sara Lee at
Building Meaningful Relationships
Mark your calendars to join us for our Annual Fall Festival Saturday, October 26 th from 4-6 p.m. We are looking for contestants to enter the Trunk or Treat, Chili Cook off, and Cookie Bake off.

Drop off any candy donations to the
Harbor Kids department on Sunday mornings. Thank you!!
Contact Jennifer Ingalls if you can participate in this fun community event. 
Children's Ministry Update
Hello parents! I just wanted to take a quick second to check in and update you on the progress of the Children's Ministry here at Denver UMC. Most of you already know me from having your children in our Pre-K Ministry over the last 8 years; but if you are new or would just like to get to know me better, please reach out anytime. I would love to hear from you. I would also like to take this time to ask if you are able to serve on Sunday Mornings with the Children's program to please let me know. We have opportunities for you to serve at both our 9:30 and 11:00 classes so you may volunteer before or after your preferred worship service.
We are very excited to be able to house all the children together under one roof and to have one check in station for the convenience of all. Our goal is to have the new children's space in the Harbor Kids department ready by November 3rd and we are working diligently to meet that deadline. Until then, please continue to drop your elementary students off at Harbortown as you have been doing.
Thank you for your patience while we prepare a fun and comfortable space
for the children! Thanks, Jennifer Ingalls.
Unleashing Compassion
Thank you for your support!
There are not enough ways to say, "Thank you". Our bake sale was hugely successful due to the participation of our congregation through their donations. If you were one of the folks who took home some tasty treats, we hope you enjoyed them and felt the love put into their preparation. Others of you took to your kitchens and prepared a most beautiful spread of sweet and savory items. Everyone who participated in any way has enabled our class to fulfill our Christmas mission of spreading Christian love throughout our community. We ask that you pray for blessings to all those who receive a Christmas jar while our class offers prayers of thanks for you, our loving congregation.

New Horizons Sunday School Class
(If you would like more information on the Christmas Jars ministry, ask a member of our class.)
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