Proposed Louisville "Buffer Zone" Ordinance
Friends of Life,

As you may have read, two members of the Louisville Metro Council have been strongly advocating for a "buffer zone" in front of the EMW abortion mill. Their proposed ordinance has been filed and will be heard this Wednesday, April 28th at the Community Affairs, Housing, Health, & Education Committee meeting.

A similar proposal was defeated in 2020, but the make-up of the council has changed since then and advocates of the ordinance are using false information and misrepresentation to win support. You'll hear these individuals refer to the buffer zone area as a "safety zone" and imply it's needed for the safety of EMW visitors. Don't be fooled - this is a ruse to further the interests of EMW at the expense of our right to free speech. I've personally witnessed the peaceful, pro-life prayer leaders who spend countless hours on the sidewalk advocating for the life of the unborn. These council members want to co-opt public property for the benefit of the abortion industry and their radical political agenda.

We need your help to contact your councilmember and let your voice be heard. If you do not know your councilmember's name, you can look it up here. If you need help crafting your message, here is some sample language to consider. I realize some have been silent supporters of the pro-life cause for years - perhaps out of fear of retaliation. However, circumstances do not allow us to be silent any longer - there is simply too much at risk! As St. Paul directed early Christians so many years ago, we must "put on the armor of God" so we may be prepared to do battle with evil and those who cooperate with it.

Again, please phone or email your councilmember today and let him/her know you do not support this proposed ordinance. Also, consider sharing this email with your like-minded friends (prayer groups, clubs, etc.) and ask they do the same. I've highlighted a couple of the new members of the council below - perhaps you might find time to contact them directly as well.

Thanks for all you do to defend the unborn!

For life,
Corey Koellner
Executive Director
Councilwoman Stewart
Representing portions of Southwest Louisville, Amy describes herself as a "conservative democrat." She was appointed to the council in January to replace Councilman Yates.
Councilwoman Armstrong
Cassie represents the Highlands area and has sponsored the proposed ordinance. She was elected in November.
134 Breckenridge Ln.
Louisville, KY 40207
Phone: (502) 895 5959