Important news for ALL supporters of free health choice
Voting: The most important
job you will have all year!
Click here to see which parties are willing to support YOUR rights
The Federal election will be taking place in just over a month and we here at the AVN have been busy polling the political parties to find out what their views are on that basic of human rights - the right to make choices about what we put into our bodies and the bodies of our children.
Some of the answers we've received (like those from the Sex Party and the Pirate Party) could have been written by people who are members of the hate group, Stop the AVN. In fact, the Sex Party got help from members of that organisation before sending us their response.
And the larger parties - the Greens and the Liberals - who are responsible for this unconstitutional policy, never even bothered to respond which is incredibly arrogant.
The AVN will not advise you how you should vote - that is not within the terms of our Code of Ethics. We will, however, let you know that the way in which you vote has been changed and these changes will give you more power to decide who will represent you in the Senate - the house of change when it comes to giving us a voice in government.
On the 2nd of July, you can direct your vote where it will do the most good - to one of the parties and independent candidates who have pledged to support your right to make free and informed health choices for your families.
We are asking you to vote 1-12 below the line - giving preference to candidates representing any of the following 7 parties who have made this pledge. With your help, we can get 5-6 people elected to the Senate who will speak for us.
This election looks to be close by all accounts. With this sort of representation, we can hold the balance of power and can finally see a return to democracy in this formerly great country.

This was the situation in the late 1990s and the early 2000s when the AVN lobbied parliament for enactment of a Conscientious Objection clause and the ability to report adverse reactions directly to the government. We were successful because the balance of power was held by the minor parties. Let's make that happen again!

The time is now to break the three major parties' hold on our lives. Look at what is happening in the US. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has clinched the Republican election because the American people see him as someone who is totally outside of the two-party system and that is what they want. They are sick of the lies and corruption of those who are in government. By voting as they have never voted before, they are bringing about an unprecedented change to the most powerful government in the world. We can do the same here on July 2nd this year.
Here are the parties/individuals who have promised to oppose No Jab/No Pay/ No Play and to support health freedom:
Greg Beattie, Independent (former AVN President, running for the Senate in QLD) - Website to be advised
We are still waiting for a response from Pauline Hansen's One Nation Party. We have been told that this party is in opposition to No Jab/No Pay/No Play, but until we have their statement, they are a question mark. I have also been told that several other minor parties are supportive of our cause, but they have not responded so we cannot ask you to support them until they do. I will update this information as soon as it comes to hand.
The Truth Library have put a post on their website entitled How to Vote if you are "Anti-Vax" in the 2016 election. Though many of our members do not consider themselves to be anti- vaccine , you may want to bookmark this page and keep referring to it and the AVN's own voting page for updates of information as we draw closer to election day .
Here are some Important actions you can take between now and July 2nd:
1-     Share this email with EVERYONE you know. Many of you are concerned about being criticised for your position. Whilst we understand that this can be challenging, if we do not pull together in letting others know about how to vote, we will not have the desired effect and neither our rights nor the rights of our children will be protected. Remember, this is not a matter of not wanting to vaccinate - this is simply wanting to protect our basic human rights to make free and informed health choices. So forward this email to everyone you know, share it on social media, speak with friends and family about your choices. Stand up for your rights!
2-     Write to the parties who have not responded to let them know what you think about the way they have treated you and how they have have ignored such an important issue. Let them know you will not be supporting them until they choose to support you.
3-     Write to the parties who are on the fence regarding vaccine choice and those who support our rights and let them know what you think. Politicians respond to voters - show them that you are active, informed and ready, willing and able to support their opposition to No Jab/No Pay.
4-     Contact one of the parties who are listed above if they are running candidates near you. Volunteer to help prior to the election and also, time allowing, on election day handing out How to Vote cards or whatever else may be needed.
We CAN do this! We just need to devote some of our precious time, energy and, perhaps, funds to making it happen.
Yours in health,
AVN National Committee

Our sponsorship efforts  
have surpassed $135,000!
$135,000 and counting!
We have quickly reached the almost unbelievable figure of $135,000 in our efforts to raise enough money to take on the Federal Government's No Jab, No Pay legislation in the High Court of Australia. ( our thermometer reads $125,000 because our graphic designer was asked to put in $25,000 intervals)
We still have a long way to go however since, as you can see, we have been told that $500,000 will most likely be needed - perhaps more - before we can claim victory in this case.
The AVN would like to thank EVERYONE who has been sending in their pledges and joining and renewing as AVN members. Your support is gold!
Here are a few things we would like to tell you / ask you about in this particular update:

Several of our members and Facebook fans have put forward a few ideas to hopefully help raise more funds in a (relatively) painless way. Here are a few of those ideas - if you have others, send us a message at this link and we will share it:
(a) Set up an automatic payment from your bank account to the AVN's No Jab No Pay sponsorship account (details below) of $5 / $10 per week or month. What one person said is that she would be willing to forego a takeaway coffee one morning a week and instead, have that money go towards protecting the rights of her children.
(b) Have a fundraising drive in your local area - a neighbourhood garage sale / cake stall / trivia night - these were just some of the ideas. All funds raised will be put towards sponsorship of our court case.
(c) For businesses and health practices (homeopaths, chiropractors, naturopaths, etc ) - choose a day and advertise that a certain dollar amount ($5 for example) from each office visit or remedy sold that day will go towards the AVN. Other businesses can also donate a small percentage of their sales on one day they nominate. If enough businesses participate, we can raise a lot of funds without too much of an imposition on any one person or business.
There are more than 5,000 people reading this email; there are more than 11,000 people on the Fans of the AVN Facebook page (we realise there would be some overlap here). If every single person on this email list and on Facebook were to give just $10 a month, that would be $160,000 a month! Within 2 months, with the funds we have already collected, we would have come close to raising the $500,000 needed and nobody would be too stressed out about having to give large amounts to achieve this goal.
So how about it? Are you prepared to set up an automatic internet transfer ( Westpac Bank, Account name AVN Community Solutions Cash Reserve, BSB 032591, Account number 188223) or, just visit our web page where you can provide sponsorship once a week/month (set up a reminder on your virtual or physical calendar so you won't forget) using Paypal or your credit card.
Deadline for submissions to the
NSW Parliament is this Friday, June 3rd

The NSW Parliament is thinking about amending the Public Health Act, 2010 to introduce legislation similar to that enacted in Victoria and QLD, making it more difficult (or impossible) to send unvaccinated children to preschool or childcare .
If you would like to make a submission, click here to download the information:
If you had already written submissions to the Senate Inquiry on No Jab/No Pay or one of the state committees, you will be 90% of the way there.
If you do make a submission, can we please ask you to send us a copy by clicking this link?

Vaxxed - From Cover-Up to Catastrophe
We have very exciting news to share with all of you! The AVN has been negotiating with the makers of the blockbuster film, Vaxxed, to bring this must-see documentary out here for all of us to view.
It may be several weeks before everything is finalised, but rest assured that we are doing everything we possibly can to get this to screens across the country.

To families trying to make the best possible decision for their children, Vaxxed will be an eye-opener. To corrupt government authorities, the mainstream medical community and the pharmaceutical industry, 
Vaxxed is a dangerous film, bound to short-circuit their efforts to cover-up the known risks and the links between vaccines and autism -  a condition which, it is estimated, will affect HALF of all children in the US by 2025!
By clicking on the image to the right, you can view a preview of this film. It's only a bit over 2 minutes long but it will give you a good idea of what is in store for those who are lucky enough to see it.  
This film will be a game-changer which is why there are such strong efforts to stop it. We will keep you informed of the progress in bringing Vaxxed to Australia but this is just one more way in which the AVN - with the help of our members and supporters - are working hard to inform and support the community both here in Australia and overseas.

We are going to have to put these e-newsletters out more often in future because the vaccine world is spinning so fast at present and important news items are coming out so quickly, it is nearly impossible to keep up with them all. Here are some of the latest, however, that you need to be aware of. Again, please share these items with those who you feel would be interested in them or would benefit from this information. It is up to all of us to become a conduit for this information since the mainstream media will not do their job.

The Cochrane Collaboration, the largest independent source of peer-reviewed medical information in the English speaking world, has written a letter of complaint to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) about an apparent cover-up of data indicating serious health outcomes from administration of both Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines. 

The Tyrannical Times blog has written an excellent summary of this information as well as linking to the Cochrane letter itself. There are also two important videos on the blog page concerning these reactions.

We urge everyone reading this newsletter to download and read the Cochrane letter and to share this information with your members of parliament.

From the you wouldn't believe it if you didn't read it for yourself file, comes a story of medical stupidity and an attempt at thought control that borders on the criminal. Apparently, doctors should not be telling  parents to that breastfeeding is natural because that might lead to unwanted behaviours like opposing genetic modification of foods, refusing vaccines and a belief that natural lifestyle choices are healthier.

The authors bemoan the fact that:

"Studies have shown that anti-vaccination sentiment tends to overlap with reliance on and interest in complementary and alternative medicine, skepticism   of institutional authority, and a strong commitment and interest in health knowledge, autonomy and healthy living practices."

If we allow parents to believe that breastfeeding is natural, where will it all end? Next thing you know, we will want to think for ourselves and that could lead to all sorts of problems!

Lastly, from the blog, managed by AVN founder, Meryl Dorey, comes this piece that tells it like it is regarding the vilification of and discrimination against individuals who are trying to make informed vaccination choices. 

Whether they are members of parliament, media representatives or your next door neighbours - if they believe it is OK to discriminate against you and your family or to treat you with anything less than the respect all citizens of a democratic nation should expect, they are bigots.
Definition: Bigot: a person who has strongunreasonable ideas, esp. about  race or religion, and who thinks anyone who does not have the same beliefs is wrong.
Our government - elected and funded by  US  - is comprised of bigots.

There is strength in numbers and we at the AVN needs more of you to become members. For $25 a year, you will be secure in the knowledge that our membership-driven organisation will be here supporting, protecting and informing YOU, your family, your friends and the Australian healthcare-consumer community into the future.

Membership costs $25 a year - less than 50 cents a week!

So please, consider joining as a member, renewing your membership and buying gift memberships for everyone who you think would benefit from their involvement with the AVN.

Health professionals, how about buying a gift membership for all of your pregnant clients or all those with young children?

There are so many ways to help others whilst helping the AVN. We'd be so happy to see the love being shared within the community.

Click here to join, renew or gift a membership (or ten) today! 
The AVN will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) online on the evening of Thursday, June 30th, 2016.

All committee positions will be declared vacant and nominations will be accepted from amongst our membership.

In order to attend the AGM, you will need to have been accepted as a financial member no later than the 1st of June which is when the invitations will be sent out. You will also need an internet connection in order to attend (information on attendance will be forwarded along with the invitations).

Since starting our appeal for help, we have had a number of individuals come forward saying they wished to assist us - some on the committee - some on sub-committees and in special-purpose positions.

If you feel that you have time to spare and a passion for helping our organisation, please contact us at this link. Someone will be back in touch with you to discuss how we can work together to further the goal of free and informed health choice without fear of coercion, financial penalties or discrimination.