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Water Conservation Tip
If you have a dishwasher, put down the sponge. You use up to 27
gallons of water per load by hand versus as little as 3 gallons with an
ENERGY STAR-rated dishwasher.
Your water continues to meet all EPA and state drinking water health standards
The water that comes out of your tap is safe to drink and is not affected by COVID-19. Centennial Water staff continue to work 24/7 to provide a safe and reliable water supply for you.

Our 2020 Water Quality Report is now available online. View the latest report on our website by clicking here.
Water budgets increase April 15
The combination of the governor's stay-at-home order and the nice, beautiful weather may have you anxious to turn on your irrigation system. Please hold off until April 15 when your water budget increases or you could be paying for water at a higher rate. Be sure to gradually increase the amount you water since your water budget will be adjusted as we move into summer.

When you turn on those sprinklers, remember water requirements change throughout the season and so should irrigation run times. Adjusting your controller should become routine. For best results, water no more than three times per week and water only as needed in April.

For more information about spring and summer watering, read the new 2020 Water Wise Guide.
Water Budget Graphic
Paying your water bill while social distancing
The Customer Service office is closed to the public; however, customers have many ways to interact with a water billing representative and pay their water bills, including online payment, pay-by-phone, and a secure drop box at the Hendrick Office Building, located at 62 Plaza Drive in Highlands Ranch. Please do not use the drop box for cash payments after 5 p.m.

Centennial Water has suspended water service disconnects to customers for lack of payment of their water bill until further notice. If you are having difficulty paying your bills, contact us and we will arrange a payment plan that works for you. You can contact us at 303-791-0361.

It's a good time to work in the yard
The beautiful spring weather coupled with more time spent at home means there's no better time to get out and work in your yard. Consider transforming your water thirsty landscape into a yard that uses less water.

Take advantage of our turf replacement program. When you convert water-thirsty plant materials, such as Kentucky Bluegrass, into a water wise landscape you may qualify for a rebate of $1 per square foot, up to $1,000. All conversions must first be approved by the Highlands Ranch Community Association (HRCA).

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How to report a water emergency
In case of a water emergency, contact the Centennial Water service department at 303-791-2185. The service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you cannot reach someone at the number above, please call 720-408-7034.