Your weekend is rising to Chef Deangelo's Conch Stew

Good morning...let us rise and shine to the weekend together!

Our kitchen smells so good with the freshly baked croissants, bacon and hot brewed coffee!

Deangelo has prepared your favorite conch stew, loaded and tender pieces of conch in the delicious stew and Latisha's freshly baked Johnny cake to soak up the sauce!

Looking forward to see you shortly. POI

Brunch Saturday 18th of March 2023

#AYour breakfast special this morning to general demand is Deangelo’s delicious conch stew! Loaded with conch, in a succulent gravy with sauteed onions, bell peppers and traditional local spices! Offered with freshly baked Johnny cake!  22.95 vat 2.30

#B Your next option is a Steak and Egg Ultimate Manwich! Scrambled eggs, sliced grilled steak, tossed in our LPG steak sauce, grilled onions, mushrooms offered in a brioche bun! The combination of flavors is simply awesome! Great breakfast 16.95 vat 1.70

#C New Item on our menu today the Multi Layer Breakfast sandwich deluxe! Imagine, savory French toast, topped with a thick slice of tomato confit, applewood smoked bacon, sauteed mushrooms, fresh spinach, melting Swiss cheese, the whole sandwich topped with sunny side up egg and Hollandaise sauce. Yes you will need a fork and knife to eat this breakfast delight! Offered with a side of breakfast potato. 16.95 vat 1.70 

#D Another one of your favorite on Saturday is your Burrito avocado! Scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, crisp applewood smoked bacon and avocado, bundled up in a wrap. Offered warm and crisp from the griddle! 15.95 vat 1.60

#E Open face BLT Two slices of buttered white Italian Bread toasted topped with spinach, sliced tomato, bacon, eggs and Hollandaise sauce. Offered with a side of roasted potato.17.95 vat 1.80

#F Another option is the Smoked salmon, Egg and avocado croissant. Delicious scrambled eggs, sliced avocado and slices of smoked salmon in a freshly baked croissant. 16.95 vat 1.70

 #G Ham grilled cheese French toast combo! All in one breakfast, we first make delicious French toast with our white Italian bread, topped with melting cheddar and sliced ham! Offered with side of roasted breakfast potato. 16.95 vat 1.70

Add Hollandaise sauce on the side...19.95 vat 2.00

#H Simply sublime Fully loaded Breakfast Croissant sandwich! Imagine, mashed avocado, tomato confit, link sausage, scrambled eggs and cheddar in a freshly baked croissant! That is what I call a handful of bursting flavors! 16.95 vat 1.70

western omelet

Omelet Special today is a classic Western Omelet.  Sauteed onions, bell peppers, tomato confit and ham with melting Swiss cheese in a delicious fluffy omelet, offered with a side of roasted breakfast potato 17.95 vat 1.80

add a side of our homemade Hollandaise sauce 3.00 vat .30 

#1This Saturday your always desired Texan Shrimp and Grits with maple sugar and cracked pepper bacon. This dish is so delicious, the grits itself is mixed with cream, cheese and a southwestern twist, topped with shrimps, in a scrumptious secret sauce, and topped with succulent bacon strips 20.95 vat 2.10

#2 Tuna avocado and grits. Your favorite tuna salad, offered on top of your LPG grits, with slices of avocado, finely diced green bell pepper, a wedge of lime and a side of Sriracha sauce. 14.95 vat 1.50


#3 Island Breakfast bowl of grits. Your favorite LPG grits with magic pixie dust, topped with eggs your way, bacon and avocado. 15.95 vat 1.60


#4 The New LPG Breakfast 9.5 Sub!

Delicious Italian 9.5 inch sub roll with scrambled eggs, crisp applewood smoked bacon and cheddar! 13.95 vat 1.40

Add lettuce and tomato 14.95 vat 1.40



# 100

The LPG Breakfast Gargantua!

Get 3 slices of applewood smoked bacon, 3 maple links, 3 scrambled eggs with your choice of one of the following, French toast, Pancake or potatoes. All of that for only 19.95 vat 2.00

***with Guava French only 21.95 vat 2.20



#7 The one and only LPG Guava French toast. Fragrant filling loaded with guava and coated in crisp and delightful breadcrumbs. 13.95 vat 1.40

#8 The incredible LPG Guava French toast combo with scrambled eggs and bacon

17.95 VAT 1.80



#9 LPG style French Toast. Three slices of bread coated in our secret blend of breadcrumbs and spices, pan fried golden brown, offered with syrup and butter. 13.95 vat 1.40


#10 LPG style French toast combo with scrambled eggs and bacon 17.95 vat 1.80


#11 Pancakes also! A stack of 3 golden pancakes 13.95 vat 1.40


#12 Pancakes combo with scrambled eggs and bacon 17.95 vat 1.80


#13 LPG Waffle stack. Light and golden crisp 2 waffles, butter, and syrup! 13.95 vat 1.40


#14 LPG Waffle combo 2 waffles, scrambled eggs, and bacon 17.95 vat 1.80





To Place your order

Give us a call from 8:00 AM at

394-1251 or 393-4022

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Cranberry Chicken Salad Sandwich on freshly baked whole wheat baguette topped with crisp lettuce. 14.95 vat 1.50


Fresh Egg Salad Sandwich on warm focaccia cheese bread, crisp lettuce. 8.95 vat .90


Fresh Egg Salad and Smoked Salmon sandwich on warm focaccia cheese bread, crisp lettuce

15.95 vat 1.60


Cajun Tuna Salad Sandwich on whole wheat baguette with crisp lettuce. 11.95 vat 1.20


Smoked Salmon Sandwich on focaccia cheese bread with lettuce, slivered onions, and capers, with a side of cream cheese. 15.95 vat 1.60


Large Gourmet Salad 14.95 vat 1.50

Small Salad 9.95 vat 1.00


Chopped lettuce, topped with shredded carrots, sliced tomatoes, cucumber, sweet pepper, red onion, and pepperoncini.



Add any of the following for:

3 scoops or 6 ounces portion with Salad only

Cranberry Chicken Salad. 7.95 vat .80

Cajun Tuna Salad. 6.95 vat .70

Egg Salad 5.95 vat .60

Add SMOKED SALMON 3 slices 9.95 vat 1.00


To Place your order

Give us a call from 8:00 AM at

394-1251 or 393-4022

or what's app us at