SEAS eNews: Jan. 28-Feb. 3, 2021
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Get Your Palms Ready!
Baskets will be by all the entrances.
Have You Been Listening?
You really should give it a try! This is a free dive into the bible you can do at any time, at your own pace, anywhere. Today is Day 28 and you can listen to today's episode about the Burning Bush (or any previous episode!) by clicking HERE. You don't need to sign in or subscribe to anything, ever.
Tickets are Now Available In the Parish Office!
Please bring exact change if possible. Checks are accepted.
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Our Parish Family Mourns the Loss of

Donald "Don" Carl
Loren Quam

Obituaries may be available HERE. Some funerals are private and details aren't always shared.

May they rest in peace.
Have You Seen This Shrine?
Anyone driving between New York City and Washington DC has.
Click the photo above to find out why it's so important.
Thank You to Our Most Recent Adore-ers!
There is nothing so great as the Eucharist.
If God had something more precious, he would have given it to us.
-St. John Vianney
Many openings have been filled in the last week, so many thanks to those who have volunteered. Please call Mary Scott at 651-437-9908 if you are moved to help with any of the times listed above or would like to be a substitute.
Please Visit Our Prayer Corner
Please remember those who are most in need of prayer, including all who are in our prayer corner. Names are updated weekly. To add a new name, contact the office at 651-437-4254. To renew a loved one's name, call by the last Monday of each month. Click here to go to the prayer corner.
Read, Think, and Be Inspired
Think deeper when you click HERE.
Come, let us bow down in worship; let us kneel before the LORD who made us.
St. Thomas Aquinas, The Dumb Ox
Though labeled with an unfortunate nickname, St. Thomas Aquinas was one of the greatest writers and theologians of all time. Read more about the patron saint of schools and of sacred theology HERE.
FORMED for the Week of January 31
FORMED highlights three features each week. You can watch, learn from, and grow in your Catholic faith. This week's picks are Blessed Stanley Rother, The New Eve, and a Scriptural Walk Through the Mass. Find them HERE!
It's Not Too Early to Think Spring!
Winter gets old. Buy some seeds! Start thinking about where you'll plant which flowers. Is it time to relocate your statue? Where might you put it? The days are getting longer and spring will come!
Many Ways to Watch Masses From Home
Watch Mass live: Website or Facebook
Watch Mass later: Website or YouTube

´╗┐Stay ahead of the game when watching the live stream of the 10:00 a.m. Mass at home, and have the worship aid in front of you before Mass even starts.

Click here to view or download the worship aid for Sunday, January 31.
Q&A Time
Good questions and good answers HERE.
Catholic Schools Week is Jan. 31- Feb. 6
Come be part of our beautiful SEAS School community. We offer families a safe and welcoming place to learn during these trying times. Contact the school at 651-437-3098 or visit their website HERE for more information
Venezuela Updates
While serving in Venezuela, Fr. Denny Dempsey writes to create an awareness of the Archdiocesan mission there, and to develop stronger bonds between the mission and the parishes of the Archdiocese. He has updated us three times in January already! Check out his latest articles HERE.
Please Protect Yourself and Others