SEAS eNews for March 11-17, 2021
Fourth Sunday of Lent
Make Your Reservation Today!
We can't stress this enough: You will need a reservation to attend Easter Sunday Mass. Make your reservation HERE. Find the rest of the Holy Week Schedule below.
Holy Week Schedule
This information is also listed on our website HERE.

Make your reservation for Easter Sunday Mass HERE.
Our Parish Family Mourns the Loss Of
Gordon Larson (Feb. 6),
John Murphy, Loretta Foss,
Rita McNamara, Jim Weber, 
and Ron Langenfeld
You may find the obituaries HERE. Some funerals are private and not all details are shared, or they may not be published yet. May they rest in peace.
Watch Talk #5 of 7 Tonight
If you miss it on Facebook, catch it HERE afterward.

There are three videos left. Tune in to Facebook every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. through March 25 and make this the best Lent ever!

Read more HERE.
Bring in Full Easter Baskets for Lewis House
and Regina Senior Living!
Have some fun and make an Easter basket or gift bag for a child at Lewis House or a resident at Regina Senior Living!

Bring your gifts to the gathering space on Palm Sunday weekend, March 27 and 28, and wrap or put them in a shopping bag to keep the items contained. This is an ideal project for families, so let your imagination be your guide and invite your children to help. For kids, you could start with a basket, gift bag, or even a clean ice cream bucket, then add some wrapped candies, chocolate bunnies, Legos, crayons and a coloring book, and a stuffed toy or an animal!

For adults, dark chocolate, hard candy, socks, puzzles, or gift cards to local restaurants are a few ideas. There’s no wrong way to put a basket together; generosity is what it’s all about. Please be sure to include only store-bought food items and new products only (nothing used.) Please include only wrapped candies.

Imagine the smile you will bring to someone’s face this Easter! Please label your Easter basket for a child or adult. Thank you for your kindness!
Addiction Recovery for Catholics
Spring Forward at 2 a.m. Sunday morning!
You may want to do it Saturday night before you fall asleep!
Quick Links
Fridays at 7:00 p.m., through April 2
The Way of the Cross, also known as the Stations of the Cross, are a way to pray and meditate on Christ's sacrifice for us. Fridays through March 26.
Instead of Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, we will be doing “Tenebrae,” a service which is often described as The Liturgy of Shadows. Friday, April 2.
Read more about Stations and Tenebrae HERE.
Time to Remove Any Christmas Decorations!
Easter and spring are coming, so if there are any Christmas or winter decorations in the cemetery you'd like to keep, please remove them as soon as possible so we can welcome in the new seasons!
To Help Prepare You for Lent
We Only Need $11,392 to Reach Our Goal!
If you did not receive your envelope in the mail, there are more on the information table outside the library. Please write CSA on the memo line of your check and mail it or put it in the collection basket. You can also donate online HERE.

Please be sure to designate SEAS as your parish.
Please Visit Our Prayer Corner
Please remember those who are most in need of prayer, including all who are in our prayer corner. Names are updated weekly. To add a new name, contact the office at 651-437-4254. To renew a loved one's name, call by the last Monday of each month. Click HERE to go to the prayer corner.
Virtual Conference for Women this Weekend
Learn how to stop wasting time and energy on guilt, comparison, and resentment and become fully alive as a Catholic Woman. At this year's National Catholic Women's Conference, we will be entering into Christ's words, "My Peace I give to you." Register for free HERE.
Read, Think, and Be Inspired
Think deeper when you click HERE.
May my tongue cleave to my palate if I remember you not.
Kindness Spreads Quickly
What happens after a single act of kindness? It starts to spread! Track an act of kindness as it passes from one individual to the next and manages to boomerang back to the person who set it into motion.

It's sure to bring a smile to your face and hopefully inspire you to spread some kindness of your own!
Many Ways to Watch Masses From Home
Watch Mass live: Website or Facebook
Watch Mass later: Website or YouTube

Stay ahead of the game when watching the live stream of the 10:00 a.m. Mass at home, and have the worship aid in front of you before Mass even starts.

Click HERE to view or download the worship aid for Sunday, March 14.
Virtual Spring Fling is Scheduled for April 30
Do you have something you would like to donate as an auction item or have a question regarding the Spring Fling? Please email the Spring Fling Committee HERE.
FORMED for the Week of March 14
FORMED highlights three features each week. You can watch, learn from, and grow in your Catholic faith. This week's picks are Joseph of Nazareth, Beloved - The Total Gift of Self, and St. Joseph: Patron of the Universal Church. Find them HERE!
City-Wide Food Fight through April 11
Through April 11, all dollars and food collected for HFS are proportionately matched by MN FoodShare! Bins are by the back (west) doors.
Be a Good Example
God intends for the world to be able to see him by his reflection in his people.
It's Fish Fry Time!
Pre-order only with curbside pickup. Order HERE.
Please Protect Yourself and Others