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JANUARY 12 2022
Grape growers are assessing damage from a late December cold snap that hit the central and northern Okanagan Valley.
“Winter temperatures in the hills surrounding Kelowna and areas to the north dipped below -27°C over the Christmas holidays,” Brad Estergaard, viticulture research technician at the Summerland Research and Development Centre told growers in a special email memo...
Dairy Farmers of Canada wants consumers to know that the Blue Cow logo is a sign that dairy products bearing the symbol are made from the milk of happy cows cared according to the industry’s long-standing proAction animal care initiative. “The Blue Cow is worth nothing without proAction, because everything that we do in proAction actually backs up what the Blue Cow stands for,” ...
This week marks the end of a consultation regarding the appointment of independent members to the BC Vegetable Marketing Commission as part of a broader review of governance. The deadline for submitting written feedback as part of initial input on new rules for the election of members and independent appointees is January 13. ...
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