Issue 26 - Jan. 5, 2016
Making the Rounds with Founding Dean Dr. Barbara Atkinson
Dec. 16 City of Las Vegas Council Meeting
Friends and Colleagues,               

Before the holidays, the Las Vegas City Council unanimously adopted the Las Vegas Medical District (LVMD) master plan that included an expansion of the core medical district from 214 acres to 684 acres. The vote was significant because it will help to continue the development of a robust and thriving medical district in the heart of the city.
Shani Coleman, senior economic development specialist with the City of Las Vegas, presented the master plan that included improved streetscapes and neighborhood and district amenities. In addition, there are planned high-density medical offices to complement the already established University Medical Center, Valley Hospital, UNLV School of Dental Medicine, and the  Clinical Simulation  Center of Las Vegas to name a few.
The LVMD will be an incredible accomplishment for Southern Nevada and important for our medical school. The two sites currently under consideration by the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents for the medical school are located in the LVMD. One location is on nine acres owned by Clark County across from the Valley Hospital. The other location is on the current 17-acre UNLV Shadow Lane campus. 
The LVMD strategic planning process has been underway for several years. Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian and Deputy City Manager Scott Adams convened the LVMD Advisory Council, composed of about 30 key stakeholders in the area, to help with the process. The Council met monthly and discussed all the various aspects necessary to build and support a world-class medical district. These included traffic patterns, public transportation, parking, beautification, types of businesses and housing necessary to support a large number of workers, patients, and students. Smith Group, LLC prepared the initial and final plan for the district Tripp Umbach, a consulting group, also developed an economic impact analysis for the plan. They estimated by 2030, the combined economic impact of the LVMD and UNLV School of Medicine could be $3.6 billion per year, creating and sustaining more than 24,000 jobs, and generating $181 million in government revenue.
It's truly an exciting venture for our entire region. 
Best wishes,

Mayor Carolyn Goodman
C ommunity Advisory Board Spotlight

Meet Carolyn G. Goodman , mayor of the city of Las Vegas and member of our community advisory board. Mayor Goodman has been an avid supporter of the medical school since its inception.
"The  new allopathic medical school in the Las Vegas Medical District will not only create the hub for all of Southern Nevada to receive excellent care, it will also provide an important economic impact for the entire region," says Mayor Goodman.

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