Issue 2 - July 7, 2015
Making the Rounds with Planning Dean Barbara Atkinson

Friends and Colleagues,                 


What an exciting week! In addition to celebrating the Fourth of July, we met a crucial deadline Friday by finishing the first draft of our accreditation document. Our internal deadline was July 1 and we met it, thanks to the great team of Ellen Cosgrove, vice dean for education and academic affairs, Samuel Parrish, senior associate dean for student affairs and admissions, and Cindy Stella, executive administrative assistant. The document now is being reviewed by consultants before we submit it to the Liaison Committee Medical Education, the governing body that grants accreditation to medical schools in the U.S. and Canada


Let me give you a sense of the size and scale of the three-part accreditation document: 1) a 22-page summary; 2) a database of questions outlining how we plan to meet the 12 standards required of every accredited medical school, a mere 230 pages; and 3) a 153-page appendix packed with documentation proving we meet LCME's requirements.  

Even before we tackled the writing, we formed six volunteer committees to discuss and shape each section. Our community and business leaders, physicians, UNLV, Nevada State College and other school faculty and staff volunteers are helping us create a public medical school attuned to our community to address and advance the future of medicine. Our accreditation document due August 1, details information about the medical school, including our leadership, history and relationship to UNLV, strategic plan and vision, a description of our curriculum for the first two years and outlined for the following two. We describe student affairs' procedures including acceptance policies, faculty appointments and committees, procedural by-laws and a six-year financial plan.    


The LCME will review our application in October. If they like what we've submitted, they'll make a site visit in early 2016. We'll know by next June if we can start recruiting students for fall 2017. It is an exciting journey. We appreciate your help and support as we move ahead.

Best wishes,


Warren Volker, MD vice chair, community advisory board, UNLV Medicine

Meet Our Community Advisory Board

I am fortunate to have the wisdom and guidance of more than 40 community advisory board members. Warren Volker, MD, chairman and CEO, WellHealth Quality Care and vice chair of our board explains why UNLV Medicine is important to Southern Nevada residents in this video.



Dr. Lazarus in his workshop
UNLV's First Medical Student
ER Physician and Artisan

Stephen Lazarus, MD, Class of '68, put himself through school at UNLV by dealing craps and roulette. "That was nearly 50 years ago when players used silver dollars," said Dr. Lazarus, who was the first UNLV graduate, accepted into medical school. He received his medical degree from the University of Oregon in 1971 and went on to become a Diplomate of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Lazarus practiced for more than 40 years in Southern California. "I loved emergency medicine. It allowed me to learn and treat the whole body - from head to toe - and to immerse myself into problem solving," said Dr. Lazarus. Along with practicing medicine, Dr. Lazarus also has spent 35 years working with exotic woods. His specialty is woodturning, where he transforms a blank piece of wood into an award-winning piece of art. He is returning to the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts for the fifth consecutive time this month to show his work. You can find his amazing artisanship at  Wood for Thought.

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