Children and Youth Ministry Day on March 5! Download the flyer and registration form below!
Mark your Calendars!
March 2-6
Paul will be on vacation leave, Wednesday, March 2rd through Sunday, March 6th.  He will respond to any calls, texts and emails on Monday, March 7th. In the event of an emergency, please call his cell phone.

March 5
Children and Youth Ministry Day!
8 :30 AM to 3:30 PM at Danville Centenary with workshops by:
- Rev. Nancy Newby on ministering to children with special needs
- Roxie Bennett on teaching preschoolers
- Jill Winter and Liz DeLaune on curriculum/resources for children and youth
- Rev. Jeff Bramel on helping kids transition from children's ministry to youth

Download this flyer for more information and the registration form!

March 13
Woodlawn-Beech Fork UMC is hosting Victory Road, a southern gospel group, at 6 PM . All are welcome to attend!

March 22
Danville Centenary UMC will host an Outreach training for rural clergy and laity with the intent to better equip leaders to serve the Veterans in their communities and to educate on resources available through the VAMC. 

See below for more information.

March 26
United Methodist Women's Spiritual Growth Meeting at Midway UMC
April 16

A Day of Prayer
Bardstown UMC from 9 AM to 4 PM

The keynote will be by Rev. Paul Fryman on All the Prayers Jesus Prayed, with workshops on Prayer in Corporate Worship, Mobilizing The Church to Pray, Praying With and For Children, and Seeking God's Face: Hebrew Words for Prayer. All are welcome to join us!

Paul's Ponderings
"Flee like a bird to the mountains."
Psalm 11:1 NRSV
Dear Pastors,
In her fascinating book Prospect, Anne Truitt, sculptor and artist, reflects on getting a new red and white bicycle for her 11th birthday in 1932. She had wanted that bicycle for the longest time, but the depression had prevented it from happening. Her parents were entirely dependent on inherited money and the Great Depression had struck them hard. " I felt as if we were being pulled down by a relentless undertow into a fathomless sea," she writes. " My mother sickened under the strain; after a spell in a Baltimore hospital she took to her bed; the shades on the four tall windows in her elegant high-ceilinged bedroom were drawn down almost to the sills. My father tried to stay cheerful but he gave way now and then to attacks of depression (tears ran down his numb checks) and of alcoholism; a starched nurse became an occasional necessity. My sisters fell silent and wistful. The air in the house quivered with stifled fear." That red and white bicycle enabled her to get away, to "flee like a bird" and explore the town she lived in. She says of that experience: " When my father put wheels under me, he offered me a healthy route from the smothering subjectivity of family to the invigorating objectivity of the world at large. His influence persists to this day."
Have you ever felt like riding on your bicycle and getting away, fleeing like a bird to a mountain? King David, in Psalm 11 does. But he begins the above verse with this statement: " In the LORD I take refuge..." The Lord became a means to deal with the difficulties of a struggle that drew around his life. The Lord invigorated in his life what could have easily brought him down.
Truitt ends her reflections this way: " As a child, I yearned over my parents deeply, silently, as silently as they bore their troubles. I came with infinite sadness to know that I could provide them no substantive relief. I felt for them the heartbreak I feel now as I watch my children encounter the inevitable struggles of adulthood. The wheel has come full circle." But she ends her comments with this important note:
" But I know now how love encompasses, absorbs and transforms all human travail, is in itself one of the shapes of wisdom."
Can the Lord be your red and white bicycle this week when the going gets tough? Let's take a lesson from David. There is a way out! " In the LORD I take refuge..."
In Christ,
Paul A. Fryman
Bluegrass District
The Kentucky Conference
The United Methodist Church
Paul loves to be a part of church events and celebrations. His schedule fills up quickly, so please let him know early if there is an event you would like him to attend. 
If your church has an event in the coming months, please let us know and we'll include it in our next newsletter. In addition, if you have any pictures you'd like to share with the district, please send those to Abbi at Let us celebrate together!
Recovery Ministries Training at Camp Loucon

Are you or your church interested in Recovery Ministries?  With drugs plaguing our State, our church is seeking to do something about it.  Our District has been asked to send 3 Clergy and 3 Laity to Camp Loucon for Recovery training to use in their church.  The training will occur March 18- 19, 2016.  If you are interested, please email your desire to attend to Paul at

Prayer Requests
  • Tina Patterson's (KSU) daughter, Mimi, was in an accident earlier this week and broke two bones.
  • Greg Gallaher's (Georgetown First) mother, who had a stroke and is in ICU in a hospital in Tennessee
  • Rhoda Raglin (Simpson Memorial) for recovery from surgery, and for her and her family following the loss of her mother
  • CG Collins (spouse of Lynda Collins, extension ministries) as he goes through chemo for cancer
  • Winfred Hagerman (Green's Chapel) and his health concerns
  • Cindy Pile (spouse of Jerry Pile, Woodlawn/Beech Fork) and her health concerns
  • David Hilton (retired) and Gaye Mansfield (retired spouse) for their health issues
  • Tina Patterson's (KSU) daughter, who is waiting for a kidney transplant
Upcoming Events!

March 5
Children's Ministry Workshop Day at Danville Centenary! The day will include workshops on preschool children's ministry, bridging children and youth ministries, and more! The day will conclude with Safe Sanctuaries training for those who need it in 2016.

March 4-5
Pastor Amy Barkman (Mortonsville) is hosting and leading a seminar on The Power of Love at the Francis Asbury Society in Wilmore.

Please go to for more information.

March 22
VA Rural Health Chaplain, Ch. Joe White will present sessions on Re-integration of Soldiers Post-Deployment/Post-Mobilization and on Spiritual / Moral Injury.  Veterans Affairs Psychologist, Dr. Issis Betts-Jiminez  will present on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Mrs. Lisa Roark will present regarding resources available through the KYNG Family Assistance Center

The Boyle County session is scheduled for Tuesday, March 22nd from 9am until 12:30pm at Danville Centenary, 1441 Perryville Road, Danville, KY.  This is a free event. To ensure informational resources are available to all participants, interested clergy within Boyle County  and surrounding counties are asked to RSVP via email to no later than Monday, March 7th.    
April 16
Day of Prayer at Bardstown UMC from 9 AM to 4 PM! The keynote will be by Rev. Paul Fryman on All the Prayers Jesus Prayed, with workshops on Prayer in Corporate Worship, Mobilizing The Church to Pray, Praying With and For Children, and Seeking God's Face: Hebrew Words for Prayer. All are welcome to join us!
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