March 6, 2020
Summarizing a mountain’s worth of stories, current events,
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Eating: the most basic form of survival. But we’re not interested in basic.
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Coronavirus. It’s pretty much what we’ve been talking about this week. So much is changing, and so fast, that it can feel pretty confusing and unnerving. The questions just keep coming: Got spring break travel plans but don’t know if you should travel? Wondering how to care for an elderly or medically fragile loved one? Just want some peace of mind about how to stay healthy? Us too. So we’ve done some reading. Here are a few articles that can help us all understand how the virus spread s , how to prepare for what experts say is the inevitable outbreak here in the US and how it all might get resolved . The most important takeaway is simple: DON’T PANIC.
trail magic
Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, recently pledged to donate $10 billion to scientists, non-governmental organizations and activists working to combat climate change. While the influx of cash will be a boon to the researchers and organizations working hardest to save the planet – and can go a long way to filling the gap left by lagging federal funding – not everyone agrees that such a large donation from a private individual is the best way forward. Some worry about “private individuals driving climate science and the search for solutions.” Still, some experts say the money could be transformational, depending on how it’s used.
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International Women’s Day is this Sunday, March 8, and over here at iksplor we’re excited to celebrate. As you might guess, we’ll probably do that with our little ladies outside somewhere, enjoying fresh air and mountain views. We’re super focused on making sure the women we raise understand how strong and capable they are and we believe engaging them in outdoor sports and recreation is a great way to do it. Nevertheless, the gender gap in outdoor sports is real. So what’s a parent to do? This article from a few years ago has a plethora of good ideas about how to encourage girls to be brave and adventurous. You could read the book it’s based on, too. You could also scroll through this list of children’s books about girls who are avid outdoorswomen and choose a few to share with your kiddos. Then go outside for a hike or a ski or a bike ride or treasure hunt or just a walk to look at the clouds. Have fun!
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