February 7, 2020
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Conventional wisdom says your ipad is the best way to survive long car trips with a kid. But this low-tech travel hack gives that digital device a run for its money…
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February is Black History month, a time to reflect on the many contributions African Americans have made to this country – in art, politics, science, music, sports, the law and more. I t’s also an important time to look back at this nation’s deeply complicated history of racism and inequality and the ways these still play out in our daily lives. To help navigate all of this, and to learn a bit more about “the hidden heroes and buried history of black America,” the creators of NPR’s podcast, Code Switch, have curated this playlist for your listening pleasure.
trail matters
The Super Bowl! The ads! Or, as we fondly call them, the reason many of us watch in the first place. And this year those ads featured three glitzy efforts to sell electric vehicles. But this New York Times piece asks , will consumers bite? So far, sales of electric vehicles have remained slow, even as car companies ramp up production. A lack of advertising from automakers and concerns about the price tag, as well as the distance such cars can travel before running out of charge, are largely to blame. But partially because electric vehicles are an increasingly important part of cleaning up the environmental impact of the auto industry, car companies are still investing in their development, even as buyers still tend to choose traditional gas guzzlers over plug-in vehicles. However, if the Super Bowl ads are any measure, car companies are banking on celebs like Lebron James and Maisie Williams (with the help of a little missive from Frozen we’ve heard once or twice) to help them spike consumer interest in these more environmentally-friendly machines. 
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Part of what makes outdoor adventures with kids in tow successful, is planning. It’s simple. And…not so simple. Figuring out where to go, how to keep the young ones engaged on the trail, packing the right snacks, wearing the right gear ( hello iksplor base layers ) are all part of the puzzle. This handy run-down of 10 outdoors organizations with great resources for families will help make all of that a little easier. Check it out. From ranger programs with the National Park service and US Forest Service, to REI, the Sierra Club and our friends over at Hike It Baby, there’s something here for everyone. Best part about it? Most of these resources are free. 
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