April 2, 2020
A special note from our iksplor famliy to yours: In an effort to do our part in the face of a national crisis, iksplor will be leveraging its manufacturing capabilities to produce cotton masks for healthcare providers and first responders. While we will donate the first 500 masks we make, we are also starting a fundraising campaign to raise money to produce at least 500 more. And hopefully a lot more. We’d love your help. For more information, please visit our website www.iksplor.com

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A poetic reminde r that this, too, shall pass
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Because we just need to focus on something else sometimes, here’s a lovely story about Egypt’s female lion tamers . Keeping a family tradition alive, five of the six Egyptian women who tame lions and tigers all come from one family. And although the dangers of their craft are real – their own family members have been killed or seriously injured in maulings – it’s not the animals who are the trickiest to handle, said Luba el-Helw, one of those six women. In fact, “lions,” she said, “can be easier to deal with than people.”
trail magic
Reading the news these days is bleak. But John Krasinski, for one, is not going to wallow in despair. Instead, the movie star who rose to fame on The Office, has created a new series called “Some Good News.” Shot in low-tech form from what appears to be his home – with a homemade " SGN” sign hung behind him that his daughters mad – Krasinski launched the show by admitting, adorably, that he has “absolutely no idea” what he’s doing. He then video chatted with special guest Steve Carrell to reminisce on the 15-year anniversary of The Office. And he ended with a shout-out to other good news sources and a reminder that “no matter how tough life can get, there's always good in the world.” Amen, brother. See you next time.
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If you’re anything like us, and we’re guessing you’re here because you are, these days stuck mostly at home are bearable because we’re still able to get outside. And if your instinct is that your outdoor time is good for you in multiple ways, add helping to prevent disease to that list. Because, not surprisingly, spending time in nature has proven connections to improving our health. From the exposure to Vitamin D, which boosts the immune system, to helping your sleep patterns and improving your mental health, getting out is good for you – now more than ever. So, with social distancing and other safety measures in mind, grab your littles and your bikes or scooters or sneakers or skis or your unicorn costume or whatever makes you smile and go get some fresh air. Your whole body will thank you.
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send a new mom some love
Bringing a child into the world is difficult enough without being put on a high-risk list for a global pandemic and having to quarantine your new family away from the village that was supposed to be by your side. So we want to support as many new and expecting moms as we can during this uncertain time and remind them that they are not in this alone.

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