March 27, 2020
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Here’s the coronavirus survival guide you actually need. It’s got the dos and don’ts for stocking up, extra suggestions for how to keep kids busy – and quiet – while you WFH, as well as gear to make it all a little easier to bear.

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With the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on our communities and everything shutting down from restaurants and bars to schools, recreation centers, public libraries and more, we’ve been thinking about the costs. How are the choices we, as a society, are making to slow the spread of coronavirus affecting the most vulnerable among us – poor children, the homeless, the elderly, victims of violence and more? It’s a troubling question: whether the responses to slowing the spread, which undoubtedly are necessary, are also potentially causing unintended, but severe, harms? Will our efforts to contain the spread only worsen the deep social inequalities that already exist? The risks of long-term education losses for children, especially those from low-income households , are real as are the very present threats to victims of domestic violence and the potentially catastrophic financial damage done to hourly and low-wage workers , in particular. While we’re sure there’s no good answer here, we’re also certain that having the conversation about all of this is crucial.
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For a dose of good news – and we could all probably use some right now – here’s a run-down on some outdoor companies who are seriously stepping up to the coronavirus-infected plate. From cycling and fishing companies who are converting their factories to now produce face masks and medical gowns, to footwear companies who are doing the same to create much needed personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers, to CBD makers and distilleries that are manufacturing hand sanitizer, the outdoor community is showing what it can do. Don’t know about you, but as soon as we get back to shopping for fun things, rather than canned goods, we’re definitely going to keep these companies in mind.
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Has the covid-19 run on toilet paper got you all stressed out? Us too, until we heard about Tushy , an affordable, easy-to-install, easy-to-use bidet. Check it out. Looks like your derrier (and your ever smaller, tp-free, shopping list) will thank you. And just in case you want to review a few more options, here’s a good place to start.

Another especially handy product you may be interested in as you WFH: Krisp – a noise cancelling app you can download onto your devices. Screaming baby at home while you’re on a conference call? Partner vacuuming while you’re trying to have a team check-in? Not to worry. With this app, they’ll never know. Oh yeah, and the company is running a timely deal because of the coronavirus pandemic, too. For the next six months Krisp will be free for all of us for 120 min / week and unlimited for “all students, teachers, hospital and government workers worldwide.” Not bad.
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