Week of 09/30/2019
TESLA STEM High School
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Principal's message
Meet Tesla STEM High School Junior, Alexa Contreras. Alexa, like many of our STEM scholars, has figured out how to most effectively study for her classes. For her U.S. History course with Mr. Ivy, Alexa uses a combination of Sketch Noting and Mind Mapping to understand the information and to make connections between history’s big ideas. With Sketch Noting and Mind Mapping, Alexa can tell the story of history while also capturing important historical details that support the story. 
Mr. Ivy shares multiple research-based study tips and strategies with all his students as they navigate the decades of freedom, independence, war, labor, foreign policy, the presidents and beyond. Great work, Alexa!!
Mid-Quarter Grade Status and Communication Protocol
Friday, October 4 th , is the mid-way point of this 1 st Quarter of the academic year. Starting at midnight on the 4 th , student grades in all classes will be official for this point in the quarter. If you or your scholar has a question or concern regarding grades, please note the following:
If a student or parent has a question regarding grades, the student first talks directly to the instructor. This student conversation takes place first as we educate all our scholars to self-advocate, a skill that will serve them well in high school, college, and beyond.
If there is need for further discussion, the student/parent can make an appointment to talk with his/her instructor. If there is no resolution, the next step is a scheduled meeting with the academic counselor. 
SAT Test Prep
The Tesla STEM PTSA is sponsoring a SAT Test Prep Course which will be held at Tesla STEM High School in October and November. It's targeted to Juniors and others who are taking the SAT Test this school year and want to prep for it. 
More details can be found here:  http://teslastemptsa.org/Page/Programs/SAT-Prep-Course  

SAT Prep course is now full PTSA will soon be in touch with parents of registered students and also those on waitlist.
SAT/ACT & College Admissions Test presentation
When: October 9 th
6-7pm (10 th  graders and parents)
7:30-8:30pm (11 th  graders and parents)

Where : Tesla STEM High School
This event is run by Tesla STEM High School. Please contact your Counselor with any questions. 
Tesla 10 th  and 11 th  grade families are invited to attend a presentation  by Compass Education Group’s Senior Director, Matt Steiner, to learn about the use of standardized tests in the college admission process. Topics will include:  test scores’ role and weight in college admissions, why colleges’ testing policies vary so widely, debunking the most pervasive myths about testing and admission, the relevance of Subject Tests at elite colleges, and sane and successful calendaring of testing and test prep.   Please note that 10 th  and 11 th  grade presentation times are staggered in order to give relevant and specific exam timelines per grade level.   Our school’s invitation and a copy of Compass’ comprehensive Guide to College Admissions Testing are available at:    https://www.compassprep.com/schools/tesla-stem/
SAT/ACT Practice Tests - Thanks!
ACT and SAT practice test took place on September Sunday 22nd and Saturday 28th.
A big thank you to Zerelina Mukherjee and Eela Nair for organizing this opportunity for our students. Also thanks to our PTSA volunteer parents Joanna Ma, Carolyn Kerr, Kavita Sharma, Maria Villar, Anuradha Gopalam, Ryuji Orita, Eela Nair, Helene Pho, Shimpa Mittal, Reiko Feinstein, Pankaj Savdekar and Jay Pulacode, that attended both events as volunteers.
2019-2020 National PTA Reflections program
Calling all creatives!  Reflections is an National PTA arts recognition program that helps students explore their own thoughts and ideas, develop artistic literacy, and discover a love for learning. Students may submit their works of art in one or more of the following 6 categories listed below:
- Categories : Visual Arts, Photography, Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, and Music Composition
- Entry Forms and Rules/guidelines can be found on the Reflections board near the office
- Submit entries to Ms. Schaeffer’s room #220
- Deadline is Friday, November 1st
Winning entries advancing to the District level will receive special recognition and have the chance to advance to the State and National PTA rounds. Last year we had 6 entries advancing to State. Let's try to top that this year!
Questions? Contact Carol Lelivelt  cslelivelt@gmail.com
Important Changes to the Advanced Placement Exam Ordering Deadlines and Fees for the 2019-2020 School Year

To meet the new College Board ordering deadlines, LWSD students will register and pay for AP exams from October 14, 2019 through the end of the last lunch period at their school on October 25, 2019 . Prior to this year, students registered and payed for exams in the spring.

Late registration will be held from February 18, 2020 through end of the last lunch on February 27, 2020. Students who register during this time will incur a $50 late fee per exam.

Students who choose to cancel an exam or do not take the exam will be able to request a refund minus the cancellation fees listed in the chart below. The late fee is subtracted from the on-time exam fees.

AP Exam Registration materials will be distributed to AP students in their AP classes and available to students and parents in high school counselling offices starting October 7.
Lake Washington School District Fees for May 2020 AP Exams are as follows:

For more information, please visit the LWSD website at: https://www.lwsd.org/programs-and-services/accelerated-programs/high-school-highly-capable .
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Carpool Connection
Looking for a carpool? Check out the Tesla STEM Carpool FB page .

*This is NOT a PTSA or school sponsored program. The Tesla STEM Carpool FB page is a bulletin board for families looking for a carpool to connect.
ASB Events
Remind your student to check the ASB calendar posted in the school or check the Tesla STEM HS website for student organized activities.

ASB announcements are included in this publication if submitted by the students with staff approval.