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  • Note from Pastor Jim
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Dear Friends,

There are no beginnings without the Spirit. Be mindful, beginnings are always filled with anticipation, fear, and risk. And they're messy. Sometimes, very messy. This summer we will dwell on some key moments in the book of Acts as we try to discern where God is calling Rejoice Lutheran Church to become. Here is a summary of where we are going:

Bold Church
June 21, 2020  Bold Church: Beginnings!
ACTS 1:1-11; John 20:19–31
Luke continues his story with a summary of the mission and
ministry of Jesus from his transfiguration on Mount Tabor
to his ascension on the Mount of Olives. Referencing the
Holy Spirit three times in this brief passage, Luke grounds
the story of the birth of the church in the wisdom that bold,
new beginnings are always Spirit-driven.
June 28, 2020  Bold Church: Proclamation!
ACTS 5:12, 17-32; John 21:1–19
A growing number of followers of Jesus continue to put their
lives on the line for the sake of the gospel. Imprisonment
and fear of death will not deter these Christ-followers from
proclaiming the good news of Jesus and the Spirit-driven
call to a bold life of obedience to the gospel.
July 5, 2020  Bold Church: Mission
ACTS 13:13-26; John 10:22–30
On his first missionary journey, the Apostle Paul teaches in
the synagogue in Antioch. Paul boldly traces God’s unfolding
mission to draw all people to him through several generations
of judges and kings, including Samuel, Saul, and David. That
mission of salvation finally finds its completion in Jesus. Our
mission as Christ-followers is to bear a bold witness for the
coming generations that “this salvation has been sent.”
July 12, 2020 Bold Church: Transformation!
ACTS 16:6-15; John 13:31–35
Clearly led by the Holy Spirit, the Apostles find themselves
compelled once again to tell their transformational story
of Jesus Christ. Paul has a vision of a “man in Macedonia
pleading” for spiritual help and guidance. Paul’s obedience
to the promptings of the Holy Spirit gives way to a surprise
for Paul and his companions. How will our bold obedience
to the Holy Spirit’s guidance bring about transformation in
our lives and the lives of others?
July 19, 2020  Bold Church: Testimony!
ACTS 22:3-16; John 14:23–29
Paul is on the steps of the temple in Jerusalem and faced with
the opportunity to share his personal testimony – his story
of his life with Jesus. We see in Paul’s account his deep love
for Jesus. We, too, are called to know our story and be ready
to boldly share that story with others.
July 26, 2020  Bold Church: Adventure!
ACTS 27:13-26, 33-38; John 17:20–26           
In the final chapters of Acts, we encounter turning seasons,
a long winter, pounding storms at sea, severe hunger, threats
of death, a shipwreck and the near loss of hope. Through it
all, Paul, under arrest and facing death, maintains a spirit of
adventure. The final words of Luke’s riveting story describe
Paul proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about
Jesus “with all boldness and without hindrance.” How is our
bold adventure in Christ best summed up?
August 2, 2020  Bold Church: Rock!
1 PETER 13-21; John 14:8–17   
Peter is a great example of one who is completely human:
both frail and flawed, yet remaining faithful through the most
difficult circumstances. He experienced everything from the
trial and crucifixion of Jesus to the birth of the early church.
We have much to learn from this revered Apostle.

To make our worship more meaningful and personal, we need people of Rejoice to serve as greeters and readers. Simply indicate which week you'd like to serve. You can video at your home, at your convenience. You can record earlier than the date listed on the sign up. You can sign up by clicking on this link: .

Pastor Jim
Help Us Help You

We're still hoping to receive 100 responses to our coronavirus survey. If you haven't already done so, please answer these eight quick questions designed to help Rejoice leadership map out our near future .

If you have already completed the survey there is no need to do it again. Thank you!
Seventh-day Sabbath

Seventh-day Adventists are back at Rejoice on Saturdays in a small group that meets Minnesota Department of Health guidelines for assemblies during COVID-19.
Rejoice Church Council Update
Your church council is meeting every two weeks to assess and evaluate the latest health news and updates.

Rhoda Senkler, Financial Secretary, stated that she is grateful that some members have paid some of our expenses. Thank you!

Pastor Jim reported that Midco has started installing the cables for better internet service, although not within our building yet. The new internet service should be available in July. Pastor Jim shared the results of the survey that 66 of our members filled out online. It shows that people want to stay connected with Rejoice. Planning and discussions are on-going about small group book studies, campfires, and social gatherings.

Susan Chwalek, Social Concerns, would like to start planning for our God’s Work, Our Hands event. Last year, it was held on the Sunday after Labor Day; but we haven’t heard if the ELCA has changed the date for this year. Discussion was held about having activities performed around our church building or to reach out to community members as we did last year.

At this time, the plan is to continue to worship on-line through the month of June . Drive through communion will be offered on the first Sunday of the month.

Your council will continue to meet and will keep updating information and plans. The next meeting is scheduled for June 23, 2020.
Itching to Leave the House?

How about an hour or two of nature and solitude? If you can help out mowing or trimming the Rejoice lawn, call the church office at 320.558.6851 or show up on Thursday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Tools and mowers provided.
HandsOn Twin Cities

Find volunteer and donation opportunities, as well as educational resources that specifically address current needs in Minneapolis following recent protests at HandsOn Twin Cities , a volunteer center that wants to elevate and support the organizations that are rooted in the metro community and that have been, and will continue, the fight for racial justice. 
Community Prayers
I f you have a loved one or friend in need of prayer, fill out a   prayer request   or use one of the prayer concern requests located on the Interest table and in the sanctuary welcome pads. The star(*) in front of a name denotes a Rejoice member. This is a dynamic list. Requests will be printed for up to four weeks; call the church office at 320.558.6851 to extend listing. If a name of a friend or loved one has been omitted please resubmit the name and/or concern using one of the prayer concern forms found in the red Welcome Pads in the worship area. 
Receiving Treatment for Cancer:
Lester Dupont (father, Linda Painter)
 Kathy Ryan (sister, Brad Johnson)
Judy Evans (friend, Betty Loehr)
Judy Schill (mother, Chris Schill)
Terri (mother, Jill Charboneau)
Kari Hilden (friend, Lori Lanes)
Christy Dorris (great-niece, Duane & Darlene Johnson)
Rev. Scott Gustafson (cousin, Linnea Lindquist)
Marlene Anderson-Woods (friend, Linda Agre)
*Pete Lidberg
Nick Eldred (Ryan Pridgeon’s Assistant Chief, Clearwater Fire Department)
Violet Viesselman (friend, Jim & Marlys Johnson)
Ken Johnson (brother, Ken Johnson)
*Charlie Johnson
Brian (nephew, Scott & Doris Scharmer)
Ryan, son of Layne & Julie (friend, Lori Lanes)
Linda O’Dell-Cowles (family friend, Leigh Holman)
Kent Petersen (brother, Rhoda Senkler)
Justine Honor Pridgeon (granddaughter, Lisa & Ryan Pridgeon)
MJ Havlicek (friend, Lori Lanes)
*Martha Johnson
Karen Kroska (friend, Ray & Mary Wilson)
Rachel Randall (sister, Duane Johnson)
Connie Nelson (sister-in-law, Gladys Steiger)
Nancy Nicoloff (friend, Lori Lanes)
*Dick Swanson
Sandy Swanson (daughter-in-law, Dick Swanson)
Ron Dettman (friend, Linda Agre)
Marlene Vogel (mother, Joni Hagstrom)
Michael Johnson, (son, Charlie & Edie Johnson)
Ron Wolfbauer (nephew, Carolyn & Ron Stensby)
Walker James Vreeland (grandson, David & Cindy Kirchoff)
Baby Henry Opatz (friend, Tina Bunting)
*Jerry Jagadzinski
*Bev Hugo
Deployed or Returning from Active Duty:
Pastor Daryl Thul (Pastor at South Santiago Lutheran Church) and members of the 34th Combat Aviation Brigade
Justin Neisen (nephew, Lisa Pridgeon)
Tyler Sunder (son of Karie Monk-Gohman's co-worker)
Rejoice Staff
Jim Bump Lead Pastor
Carol Eich Office Administrator
Nicole Heberling Music Coordinator
Mary Bergeron Office Assistant
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