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The Joys of Clay
Saturday hand-building students creating with clay
One of the many great joys of clay is its versatility. You can create an endless variety of forms by wheel throwing, hand building, or a combination of the two. The pieces you make can be functional, decorative, or sculptural. Once you've made a form, there are countless ways to decorate its surface. Clay gives you an unlimited opportunity to express yourself artistically.

Experience the joys of clay in our late fall classes:

 Introductory and Continuing Wheel
  • Thurs, Oct 24-Dec 5, 12:30-2:30 pm, with Nancy Bulkley
  • Thurs, Oct 24-Dec 5, 6:30-8:30 pm, with Kay Yourist
  • Mon, Oct 28-Dec 2, 7:00-9:00 pm, with Kevan O. Wilson

Introductory and Continuing Wheel Sundays
  • Sun, Oct 27-Dec 1, 1:30-3:30 pm, with David Timm

Coffee and Clay
  • Wed, Oct 23-Nov 27, 10:00 am-12:00 pm, with Nancy Bulkley
  • Sat, Oct 26-Nov 30, 9:30-11:30 am, with Nancy Bulkley

Or dip your toes in the water in our upcoming Try-It class:

 Try It Once on the Wheel
  • Sat, Oct 12, 1:00-2:30 pm, with Nancy Bulkley

Studio life
Hand-building student Kurt Ill prepares to make a bread basket
with extruded coils, while Deb Wood decorates her pieces with slip
Why hand build?
Besides the fact that hand building is fun and satisfying, a hand-building class will closely acquaint you with the nature of clay and the many ways it can be manipulated. It will also give you the opportunity to try out all sorts of surface decoration techniques.

Before the potter's wheel came into common use, potters made their vessels by hand building. In our hand-building classes, you will experience the wide variety of methods early potters used: pinching, coiling, slab forming, and drape molding, as well as press forming and extrusion. (You might even get the chance to make a knee bowl.) You will also be introduced to the art of surface design, including carving, sprigging, stamping, slip transfer, and much more.

Our hand-building classes welcome both new and continuing students.
Laptop computer
On our wish list . . .
. . . one laptop computer to complete our video system for the studio. Kevan Wilson has been working hard to set up this system so students can view pottery videos. He has kindly donated that big-screen TV you may have noticed hanging on the wall.

Now all we need is a laptop computer to access the videos. So, if you have a dusty old laptop languishing unused in a closet, consider donating it to the cause. Since our only use for it is to show videos, an old model laptop is sufficient, preferably with an HDMI connector to transmit the video and audio.

Please let Kay know if you have a laptop you can contribute and give a new life.
Moving along . . .
. . . If you have bisqueware on our shelves from September, please glaze it or pick it up by October 31 .

Sadly, we must discard any unclaimed bisqueware remaining after these dates.
Ready, load, fire!
Here's our tentative schedule for the October gas kiln firing;

Loading : Tuesday, October 15
Firing : Wednesday, October 16
Unloading: Friday, October 18

As usual, this schedule depends having enough pieces available for firing. Be sure to check with the studio for firing schedule updates.
Tool Time: on hiatus
Tool Time taking sabbatical for the month of October. Check back with us in November.

I f you have topics you'd like Kay to cover in her free Tool Time demonstrations, please let us know . We're interested in hearing from you.
Potter's quick tip
Q. I find that throwing cylinders is my big challenge as a beginner. Can you help me conquer cylinders?

A . We recommend viewing this 15-minute master class of potter Simon Leach demonstrating how to throw cylinders. Leach breaks the process down into seven distinct steps, which he clearly illustrates and repeats as he goes. Visit Leach's web site here .

And as Simon Leach reminds you, keep practicing!

We'll cover more basics for beginners in upcoming Potter's Quick Tips.
Clay lover's events calendar
Julia Galloway, keynote speaker
at Michigan Mud

Clay Friends Exhibition . Now-October 18, Ann Arbor District Library Main Branch. Featuring Yourist Studio Gallery artists. More . . .

Inspired | Baralaye, Crowell, Edgar, McDonald . Now-October 21, Pewabic Pottery, Ann Arbor. More . . .
Workshops, sales, and more

RnR Ceramics Workshop With Martha Grover and Sarah Pike . September 30-October 4, Trust Art Studios, Ann Arbor. More...

Westside Art Hop . October 6. Ann Arbor. More . . .

National Clay Week: A Celebration of Clay in All Its Forms . October 7-13, 2019. More...

MCAA Michigan Mud With Julia Galloway . October 19, 2019. Oakland Community College. More...

Yourist Studio Gallery Holiday Show and Sale . Will be here before you know it. Save these dates: Friday-Sunday, December 13-15. More information to come in our November newsletter.
Resources for potters
Pottery in prehistory!
How did prehistoric moms feed their babies? With pottery bottles and sippy cups, of course. "One of the most distinctive characteristics of the bottles through the ages is the apparent care taken in their making." Learn more in this article from The New York Times .

Thanks to Jessica Krivan for submitting this gem.
No more cracked handles
Bedeviled by cracking on your handles? Then watch these four tips from potter Jessica Putnam-Phillips that will help you make cracked handles a thing of the past. You can view examples of Jessica Putnam-Phillips' ceramics here .
Bonus video: agateware tea pot
Find out how elaborately patterned agateware is produced. In this bonus video, potter Michelle Erickson shows how she recreates an agateware teapot from the collection of the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum, where she was a ceramics resident. Can you tell the difference between the original and the reproduction? Follow Erickson and her work here .

Thanks to Kay Yourist for this find.
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