January 2019
YFC January Snapshot 2019
Dear Revolutionaries!
The Youth and Family Collective is off to an incredible start to 2019 and we're excited to share with you some of the great work in progress. YFC has several pilot projects involving both back-office and program delivery collaboration that you can learn more about in the message below. 

We're also thrilled to announce that an interim governance team has been assembled - The YES Team! Read on to learn about how you can be involved in the Revolution. As always, many thanks to everyone who is leading the way to help our nonprofits, youth and families thrive.

Staci Anderson
Developing a Blueprint for the YFC Model
YFC Effective Strategy Team
YES Team

YFC has established an interim, pilot governance team, the YFC Effective Strategy Team (Y.E.S. Team) . This team is working on establishing framework for long-term governance, partnership criteria, and identifying and implementing pilot programs
for both back-office and program delivery.

Initially the team is being facilitated by
Dr. Sara McClellan, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Policy and Administration at California State University Sacramento, who is conducting a participatory research study with YFC. She brings extensive knowledge and experience in collaborative process and communication. Click Here for more information.
Back-Office Collaboration Pilots
YFC has initiated two back-office collaboration pilots:

1) Integrating accounting, payroll and human resource functions. A team from Sacramento LGBT Community Center and PRO Youth & Families have begun working on a shared administrative model to streamline operations, increase efficiencies, and build capacity. Opportunities that the team is exploring include: comparing fiscal policies and procedures to leverage efficiencies, driving economies of scale through services like banking and insurance, and improving benefits for employees such as better healthcare and access to 401k Savings Plans. The team plans to engage additional YFC partners in the next 3-6 months.

2) Streamlining digital communication.
The digital communication team is bringing together three entities to create and
implement a digital marketing strategy including social media, website and e-news.
Service Delivery Pilots
Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative (FRCC) , a founding YFC partner that houses 23 organizations, including several initial YFC partners, has emerged as a pilot initiative of YFC.

FRCC is a joint-use space where the YFC model can be implemented. FRCC, located in a high needs community, provides opportunities to engage the community and facilitate both back-office and program collaboration.
Current collaborative initiatives include:
  • Establishing site-wide internet service - YFC and FRCC partners are working to eliminate the digital divide at FRCC. The site-wide plan includes internet access for all FRCC tenants, a secured wireless network for tenants and partners, and an open wireless network for the community. This plan will result in better service at a fraction of the cost of what tenants are currently paying - a cumulative savings of around $25K/year. 50% of the funding needed to implement service has been secured. We are still looking for a few funders to launch the project. Please contact erin.uptogood@gmail.com for more information.
  • Community Engagement - YFC and FRCC partners are working together to foster community vitality and connect neighborhood residents to the resources at FRCC through several events. Taking a cue from the very successful Trunk or Treat, held last October 31st, which engaged nearly 700 residents we're excited to announce Spring @ FRCC on Saturday, April 6th. A huge thank you to our partners at NELP for donating 4000 plastic Easter Eggs! Click Here for more information.
  • Summer Youth Programming - YFC, FRCC, and Community Partners are coordinating their efforts to create summer programming at FRCC. By working together organizations will be able to maximize resources and design more purposeful activities guided by youth development principles and practices. Youth will have the opportunity to learn from various points-of-view, develop leadership skills, and engage in new, and for many, unconventional experiences. To date 16 organizations have pledged interest in supporting this campus wide effort. Click Here to learn more.
Thank You Team Giving & Sutter!
YFC + Team Giving = 85 Sutter volunteers at FRCC for a workday in December. It was incredible the amount of work that was accomplished! They did everything from cleaning, painting and landscaping to repairing tables & chairs and, installing soap, toilet paper and paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms. Sutter volunteers loved it so much they are coming back in February!

CHP is coming in March with 90 volunteers to do more of the same plus in addition they will be building some temporary walls and organizing and tagging keys.

(Sutter volunteers pictured below)
Time, Talent & Treasure
  • Database Experience - YFC is looking for talent and time to help build a database to support operations. 

  • Back-office pilot implementation - YFC is looking for talent and time, both project management and subject matter expertise (legal, financial, etc.) to help drive discovery and implementation of pilot programs.

  • Sponsor FRCC’s Sitewide Internet Service - Share your treasure and help eliminate the digital divide by funding the implementation of site-wide internet service. An $8,500 investment will empower a cumulative savings of nearly $30,000/year for FRCC nonprofit tenants.

  • Accelerate YFC’s Capacity Building - Share your treasure to support initiatives to build the capacity of YFC.

Important Dates
Impact Foundry’s What If Conference
Wednesday, February 6th

YES Team Meeting
Wednesday, February 13th
For More info contact angiem@proyouthandfamilies.org

YFC ED Meeting
Thursday, February 14th
For more info contact angiem@proyouthandfamilies.org

Spring @ FRCC
Saturday, April 6th

Coalition for Youth
Youth Empowerment Summit
Wed. & Thurs., April 24-25

Northern California NAMIWalks
Saturday, May 4
YFC Inspiration
Nancy Brodovsky's "Sustainable Strategies"
A year ago, Nancy Brodovsky with SacConnects, wrote the article "Sustainable Strategies," for the 22nd annual Capital Region Cares, Comstock's special publication dedicated to nonprofits and charitable giving. The article is about the need to do things differently in the nonprofit sector to ensure sustainability. Click here to read the article.

We are happy that Nancy has volunteered to support the YFC and is taking an active roll in our planning and implementation.
Enjoy a Laugh and a Little Inspiration to Move YFC Forward
Check out this video - "Pizza and a Laugh - A Reminder about Your Nonprofit Financial Stress Level," from the Nonprofit Quarterly. It's a great reminder of why were are coming together as a collective.