Youth & Family Study: 
Jesus & 'Cancel Culture'
Hi dear friends!  
I pray this finds you well in mind, body and spirit.  

Have you heard about 'cancel culture'?  It is an idea/practice where a person/group 'cancels' (think ignore, cut off all contact, expose on social media) another person/group whom they disagree with, without trying to discuss or resolve the conflict, disagreement or misunderstanding with the other.

The Gospel reading for this week is from Matthew 18:15-20 where people ask Jesus how to forgive one another and resolve conflict.  To be short and sweet, Jesus' recommendations don't involve 'canceling' anyone or exposing someone publicly for a mistake they made.  Haven't we too made mistakes and needed forgiveness?

While I understand the appeal and desire to 'cancel' those who we disagree with in this increasingly polarized world, it's our calling as Children of God and Followers of Christ to love and forgive ALL people, especially those who we disagree with.  And, when we inevitably fail to do so, God offers us forgiveness and encourages us to try, try again.

Sending my love to you all.

Please let me know  what I can do to help and support you and your youth.
Zoom Hangouts this Week!

The middle school zoom hangout will be Tuesday from 4-5 pm.

The high school zoom hangout will be Wednesday from 7-8 pm.

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Confirmation Orientation Meeting September 13th!

We will be starting our next Confirmation Class soon!  Our Confirmation classes are open to anyone 7th grade and above! We will be having our initial orientation meeting via Zoom on Sunday, September 13th following drive-in worship at 11 am. 

Please email me , if you plan on attending and I'll email you the Zoom link!
Constance Mithelman
Director of Youth Ministries
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