Dear KYM
Dear KYM,

How can I find activities this spring break?
I'm afraid to be isolated during my spring break, and will miss my friends.
Signed, Spring Break

Dear Spring Break,

There are a ton of things to do during Spring Break, and the best part is most of these don't even cost a lot of money, and are right here in you're own community!
The best way to find these activities is by checking your local library, or various youth centers/groups such as the YMCA, Church Groups, or Drop-in-Centers
They should have a list of activities they will be hosting year round, and these places always have great things to do during spring break especially!
These are also great places to meet new people as well!

Dear KYM,

How can I keep a routine during this spring break?
I don't want my grades to slip while I am away from school.
Signed, Straight A Student

Dear Straight A Student,

Most schools or education centers have tutoring available, or SI (supplemental Instruction) sessions available during spring break.
If they are not available during break, ask your instructors for a study guide that you could work on while you are away.
The main key is to just keep on studying! Repetition is key!

Dear KYM,

How can I earn or save some money over break?
I want to go on vacation this summer!
Signed, Summer Is Near!

Dear Summer Is Near!

One way to earn some money is by applying for some part-time jobs.
If you feel like you can't commit to a part time job, don't worry!
A job would be the most sustainable route, but not the only one.
If you are creative, you could build arts, or crafts to sell on websites such as etsy, or amazon. You could make a few bucks here and there by simply working on something fun like a hobby.
This is not get rich quick! Simply just a way to make a few extra bucks.

Spring is here!

Which means one thing...
Warm weather and sunshine is on the way!

Here are some DIY project ideas to prep you for spring and summer! 
All you need is some wire and clothes pin.
Shape the wire into a circle, pin the clothes pins to the wire.
You can paint the pins for effect.
You can even pick your own colors!
Be creative! Wreathes don't have be just for Christmas!
Want to spice up the pool party!
Take a pool noodle, and cut it into chunks
(about 3 inches long)
Fit a battery powered candle into the noodle piece.
You may need to cut around the circle, and adjust until it fits.
Plug the bottom of the noodle with plastic wrap.
This way water does not enter the noodle.
The candle will now be able to float!
When it starts getting hot, don't sweat it!
You can add some flavor by painting the blades on your fan!
This is example is rainbow colored, but you can choose any color you want!
You can add more of an affect by tying ribbons to the cage.
Want to spice up the yard games?
Don't worry... We got you covered!
Grab a bucket, and some large blocks.
Paint the blocks like dice, and start rolling!
You now have a set of yard Yahtzee!
When the sun goes down, the party doesn't have to stop!
Christmas lights can be used anytime of the year!

You can make a chandelier with
Christmas lights and a hula-hoop!
You can fix them onto your volleyball net
so the game can go all night long!
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