Youth Action Network
*Special Announcement*
Moving into the Next Phase
Thank you to those that attended the:  

Re-Imagining a Resilient Santa Cruz County: 
Equity and Youth Leadership Summit

September 30, 2020, we were honored to share with you the milestones and lessons learned from Youth Violence Prevention Network and Project Thrive and are excited to continue the momentum of racial equity and trauma-informed systems work into the next phase, the Youth Action Network! 

While we are still exploring the structure of the Youth Action Network, we are committed to co-creating the Youth Action Network with youth, adult allies and existing youth leadership groups and youth advisory councils. 
With the Youth Action Network, we plan to: 
  • Continue to hold inclusion, equity, and racial justice at the center of all our work.
  • Continue to strive towards a more equitable and united county where young people have the opportunity to succeed and are engaged in family, school, and in their community. 

We will still: 

  • Continue our role with Capacity Building, Connections, and Resources.

Some of the Youth Violence Prevention Strategic Plan results we will be addressing include: 
  • Youth are life, college, and career ready
  • Youth are supported by caring adults
  • Youth are valued and have meaningful participation in their community
  • The community is culturally and racially aware and responsive
  • The community safe and thriving
We also plan to make the following shifts:
  • Shift from adults deciding what’s best for youth TO centering youth voice and leadership to decide what is best for youth
  • Shift from siloed youth groups/youth leadership councils TO a collaborative youth network across the Santa Cruz County Community 
  • Shift from the narrative that youth are disinterested and disengaged TO youth are leading efforts for social change 
  • Shift from us (adults) vs. them( youth) TO building a shared sense of community & belonging
Interested in having a role with the
Youth Action Network?
During October, we plan to reach out to existing youth leadership groups and youth advisory councils. In November, we plan to connect with adult allies and the traditional Youth Violence Prevention Network about how they could play a role with the Youth Action Network. 

Do you feel you have a role to play in the Youth Action Network? Please fill out this Google Survey
Equity and Youth Leadership Summit
Survey & Resources
If you didn’t have the chance to watch the event in full, follow the link below to review the recording of the event: click here

Feel free to check out the following resources from the event: 

If you attended or after you watch the event, please fill out our post-event survey, by end of the day Friday, October 9th. Your responses will help support the development of the Youth Action Network: click here

We would like to thank the Youth Violence Prevention Network and Project Thrive for paving the way of the next phase, the Youth Action Network! We are excited to continue the work of racial equity, trauma-informed systems, and wellbeing for ALL, while centering youth voice and youth leadership! 
Thank you, Ruben!
As we are entering into the next phase, YVPN’s Project Thrive is coming to a close. Project Thrive was a 5-year grant that focused on creating equitable, culturally responsive trauma-informed systems of care to better meet the needs of boys and young men of color, and their families, who have been impacted by violence. 

Ruben Garcia, Coordinator for Project Thrive, last day with our team, was September 30th. Although he will no longer be at United Way, he plans to continue working towards system-level change, equity, and well-being for our community. Ruben was a pivotal partner in preparing for the next phase of the network and helped drive forth the need to center youth voice and youth leadership. 

We were so honored to have worked with Ruben and wish him nothing but success in his future endeavors.

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