August 23, 2021
Summer with NRUMC Youth:
We are praying for you! Please let Jen, Nick, and your small group leaders know how we can be here for you as the school year begins!
We hope you join us as we have a time of fellowship together. There will be outdoor games and activities for children and food will be provided. Come and enjoy the time to gather as a community and hear about upcoming ministries.
Parents, see you at The Scoop THIS Sunday!
2021 NRUMC Golf Tournament
Invite us to your events!

Whether you play volleyball, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, or any other sport- We want to come!If you're in a concert or a play or a musical or a recital- We want to come!
If you're in the marching band, dance team, or color guard- We want to come!
Competitive jump roper?? We're dying to see that in action!--invite us!

Help Jen and Nick and your small group leaders stay organized by giving us ALL the details we need to know to support you at your school and community events!
It's almost time for Confirmation! This class seeks to equip students with the tools and knowledge to make the conscious, personal choice to be an active member of our congregation and be the hands and feet of Christ.

If you are interested in participating this year or would like more info, please click the link to the left!
We are so excited for what's to come this year and we hope you'll join us as you can! 

Please take the time to consider you and your student's involvement in our programs here at NRUMC and let us know! Registering helps Jen and Nick plan accordingly for each program we host while also making sure we have up to date contact info!
Contact Youth Ministry Staff: 

Jen Haselden
Director of Youth Ministry
919-847-1536 x113
Nick Richart
Associate Director of Youth Ministry
919-847-1536 x101